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~The Vampire Diaries~ Do Not Go Gentle

Klaus tells Rebekah (who is still Ester) to pack her bags they’re leaving town.  Rebekah/Ester insists they go to the dance. 

Alaric calls Damon and tells him that he’s going to get out of town and that he has Bonnie’s herbs.  He should be okay.  When they hang up--Evil Alaric is alive and awake inside him.  Rebekah/Ester tells Alaric that it was good what he told Damon.  Evil Alaric tells her that Damon is too arrogant to think his friend would turn against him.  Seems that Alaric ISN’T taking Bonnie’s herbs.  Rebekah/Ester tells Alaric to stab her (Rebekah) and Ester will end up back in her body. 

Caroline and Elena talk about Jeremy and his stressing about Alaric.  Caroline says that hanging out with Matt should help him.  Caroline also wants to know who is Elena taking to the dance.  She’s clearly team Stefan… while Elena thinks she can’t take Stefan because she made out with his brother.  Caroline tells her that she watches the Bachelor and that its Stefan’s turn.  Back at home 

Elena calls Stefan and invites him to the dance.  Of course he jumps at the chance. 

Damon overhears Stefan on the phone and tells him that he’d go with a wrist corsage… don’t want to stick her with a pin… could turn ugly. 

Damon pops up at the hospital and tells Meredith that Alaric isn’t taking his herbs.  She seems worried. 

Ester takes Alaric to the spot of her death and the violence of her death marked the spot for all time.  She’s going to render the white oak stake indestructible by using Alaric’s ring and make the ultimate weapon for the ultimate hunter. 

Stefan picks Elena up for the dance and they have a very nice moment together.  

At the dance Caroline warns Matt that Elena is spoken for and that she doesn’t want him to get hurt and that people that love Elena get caught in the crossfire.  They realize that Tyler has shown up at the dance.  Caroline tells him that he shouldn’t stay and that he has nothing to be jealous.  He tells her that is he jealous and he’s competitive and that he’s going to sweep her off her feet.  

Stefan and Elena arrive at the dance and he jokingly tells her that he blocked out this decade.  They talk about Bonnie and that she seems happy with Jamie and that she’s trying to work through what happened to her mom.  Stefan tells her that he doesn’t want to know what happened with Damon even though she tries to explain.  Damon shows up and tells them that they need to talk. He tells them that Alaric has stopped taking his herbs that Bonnie gave him. 

Jeremy sees Damon, Stefan and Elena leave the dance floor and he follows them but bumps into Bonnie and her date.  She asks him why he’s wearing his ring and he tells her that when his sister stops hanging with vampires he’ll stop wearing his ring. 

The group including Jeremy discusses Alaric being sick and Damon offers to kill him.  Jeremy says no and Elena promises that no one is going to get hurt.  Ester shows up at the dance and confronts Elena.  She tells Jeremy to go and get Damon and Stefan.  Ester tells her that Alaric will survive if she goes with her.  Elena complies.   Damon and Stefan realize that there’s a boundary spell and they are trapped at the school while Elena is with Ester. 
Bonnie and Jamie are having a romantic moment that Damon interrupts needing Bonnie to undo the boundary spell. 

Ester takes Elena to meet Alaric and she tells Elena that she plans to turn Alaric into the ultimate vampire hunter and then when he’s done she will end him too. 

Caroline and Tyler are dancing when Klaus turns up at the dance--He tells Tyler to step off and he’s going to dance with Caroline--Tyler pretending to still be sired to him --lets him.  Klaus tells Caroline that she would have loved the 1920’s--the women were fun and reckless.  She tells him that he always has to play the alpha male--Klaus tells her that he IS the alpha male.  He tells her that she will turn up at his door because she will tire of small town life and her small town boy because he won’t be enough for her. 

Klaus tries to leave and realizes there is a spell keeping them there.  Stefan tells him that his mother is back.  Klaus threatens Bonnie and Stefan tells him that Bonnie cares about Elena--not us--she would leave us trapped here.  Bonnie compeltes a locator spell and they realize Elena is at the cemetery.  Klaus knows where she is--but they can’t get out.  Jeremy and Matt volunteer to go. 

Elena begs Alaric not to go through with it and he tells her that she knows the weakest parts of him--that vampires are monsters and the blood of their victims are on his hands.  Ester takes Elena’s blood and he drinks it.  Ester stabs him.  

Caroline assures Tyler that everything will be okay.  He tells her that he should have never let Klaus dance with her.  She assures him that she loves him. 

Ester tells Elena that Alaric might be his old self when he wakes up, but he will have to make the transition. Matt and Jeremy arrive with a gun and a crossbow and demand that Ester let Elena go. 
Ester makes them take aim at each other.  Alaric stabs Ester.  He’s his old self for now

Klaus and Stefan chat about the past and the moments they were happy.  Damon tells Klaus that Stefan already has a brother.  Klaus mocks them saying he wonders how unshakable the Salvatore bond will be when Elena makes her choice. Bonnie interrupts and tells them the boundary is down 
Ester isn’t fighting her anymore.  Stefan thanks her and she tells Stefan that she didn’t do it for him. 

Klaus takes Ester’s body and Alaric makes the decision not to make the transition.  Elena begs him and Alaric tells her that Damon will make sure it goes down the right way.  He tells Jeremy and Elena that they should go.  The group is outside when Elena walks out with Alaric

Klaus un-daggers Rebekah and screams at his mother’s body that he will build an army so big no one will touch him. 

Jamie takes Bonnie home and stays with her. 

Matt and Jeremy have a drink and toast Alaric. 

Elena is cleaning out Alaric’s stuff and Stefan makes her calm down.   He takes her into the gym and tells her that the night that Klaus compelled him to turn his feelings off--he never wanted to feel again--but she told him that emotions make them human.  She breaks down and cries telling him that she doesn’t have anyone.  He tells her that he has him and he’s there for her. 

Meredith tells Damon that she gave Alaric a sedative and that he shouldn’t be alone.  Damon goes to sit with him and Alaric asks him if he’s going to get rolling green hills and clear days.  Damon tells him that he told him that when he was drunk.  Damon apologizes for killing him twice.  Damon is affected when Alaric passes

Bonnie wakes up to see Ester in her room and Ester tells her that she needs to finish what she started.  Jamie wakes her up and tells her she was having a bad dream.   We see Bonnie back at the cementary and she makes Damon fall down in pain and she goes to feed Alaric her blood.  He wakes up grabs her and feeds.  He grabs the stake and is now a vampire hunting machine. 


I was heartbroken for Alaric and the Gilbert  kids.  They've seemingly lost someone else they love.  I think its time that Elena stood on her own though.  It's time that she doesn't need a man in her life to pick her up.  She has friends and Jeremy left. I can only hope she'll get stronger as we go along.  

What did you guys think?

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