Saturday, April 21, 2012

~The Vampire Diaries~ Heart of Darkness

Elena goes to see Alaric in the basement of the Salvatore house to bring him the essentials.  She tells him that he’s going to go with Damon to get Jeremy. And she’s going to figure out her feelings for Damon.

Stefan is staying with Alaric and they need to make sure his evil alter ego comes out.  Damon tells Stefan that he might get the girl but he’ll lose the edge.  Stefan just tells Elena to be safe. 

Caroline gets mad that Rebekah has taken over the dance and turned it into a 1920’s dance.  Matt seemingly takes Rebekah’s side.  Caroline storms out and Matt follows her.  It seems it was all a ruse to keep Rebekah occupied. 

Stefan takes Alaric a bottle of alcohol in hopes he’ll drink himself into passing out and wake up with his alter ego.  Stefan tells him that they have a limited amount of time and they might have to speed up the process.  Alaric wants to know why Stefan stayed and he tells him that no matter what he goes through to get Elena back, it won’t mean anything if she has feelings for someone else.

Damon and Elena find Jeremy at the batting cages.  Damon tells Elena to remind him next time he compels Jeremy to make him a better at baseball.  They explain to Jeremy that they need him to contact Rose.  Jeremy says he will but he’s waiting on a friend.  They realize the friend is Kol.  Elena tells Jeremy that Kol is an original and Kol beats Damon with a bat.  Damon stabs Kol with the end of a splintered bat and they get out of there.   

Damon, Elena, and Jeremy stop at a hotel and Jeremy tries to contact Rose.  Jeremy needs something that will pull her into their world.  Damon says that she spent her last day in paradise, soaking in the sun and reminiscing about her last days as a human.  Rose pops in and she tells Jeremy to tell Damon that she’s rooting for him and Elena.  They find out that Mary Porter sired her but Rose doesn’t know where she is.  She will find out where Mary is.

Caroline meets Tyler in the woods and he tells her how much he’s missed her.  They have sex in dungeon.  

Matt drives Rebekah home and she’s suspicious of him but he tells her that it’s sad that she can’t get a ride home from school without thinking someone has an ulterior motive. 

Rebekah goes inside to find that mommy dearest is back.  She tells Rebekah she’s dying and Rebekah tells her she has no sympathy when Rebekah herself hasn’t even lived at all.  Esther holds Rebekah’s hands and she collapses dead on the floor.  Klaus comes in and Rebekah tells him their mother is dead.

Klaus turns up and snaps Alaric’s neck.  

Damon calls Stefan and tells him they are staying overnight at a hotel they don’t have any answers yet.  Stefan is reading Moby Dick when Alaric wakes up and he tells Stefan that they are going to have to speed up the process.  Stefan beats Alaric and finally threatens to kill him until Alaric’s evil side comes out and explains to Stefan how pathetic he is and that he’s a monster.  Alaric tells Stefan the stake is in the cave where no vampire can get it.  Stefan leaves Alaric in the cell and goes upstairs to find Rebekah and Klaus waiting. Rebekah takes Alaric to go get the stake.

Caroline tells Tyler that is Klaus dies then he will die along with the others that Klaus has turned. 

Elena is in bed watching a shirtless Damon until he lays down on the bed with her.  She tells him that he never told her what he did for Rose.  He tells her that when people see good in you they expect good and he doesn’t want to live up to anyone’s expectations.  She gets annoyed and turns overs her hand coming to rest in his.  The sexual tension builds and she gets up and leaves the room.  

Damon follows her out of the room and then she rushes back into his arms kissing him and making out.  Delena fans all over the world cheered and cried and were ecstatic.  He pushes her against the wall as the kissing gets hot and heavy… until Jeremy interrupts and tells them that Rose found Mary and she’s in Kansas.

The group packs up and heads to Kansas only to find out that Mary is dead by Kol’s hand—well baseball bat staked into her.  Kol won’t tell them who sired Mary and then proceeds to beat Damon for snapping his neck, killing his brother, and embarrassing him. 

After putting his arm back in place—with some NASTY sound effects—he asks Elena what the hell is going on.  She tells him that Stefan thinks that she has feelings for him.  He asks her if she does and she tells him she doesn’t know.  He tells her that he understands what this trip is about—she’s waiting on him to mess up—she tells him that every time they hit bump in the road he lashes out.  He tells her that he’s not going to make it easy for her.  She will have to figure it out herself.

Klaus is still hanging out at the Salvatore house Stefan tells him that he should either stake him or get the hell out of his house.  Klaus says that he’s still waiting on his friend to come back.  Stefan says that the darkness lurks beneath the surface but he’s in control. 

Damon and Elena are on the road back home with Jeremy sitting in silence.  Rose pops up and asks if they’re there yet.  She tells Jeremy not to tell them she’s there.  She tells him that Damon and Elena had a fight and she knows that Jeremy wants to stop what’s happening and protect her from it.  But he’s young and doesn’t see what she sees.  Elena makes Damon a better person and he changes her too.  He challenges her and surprises her.  Stefan’s love is pure he’ll always be good for her.  But Damon will either be the best thing for her… or the worst

Caroline’s mom agrees to let Tyler stay on the couch and Caroline tells him that she just got him back she’s not letting him go again.  Tyler finds the drawing that Klaus made for her.  He gets angry and tells her that he’ll find someplace else to sleep.

 Evil Alaric takes Rebekah to the cave to get the stake and then tells her that he’ll make sure she’s not the original that dies.  Rebekah steps into the cave and tells him that she wants them all to die.  She introduces herself as Ester and tells him that they have a great deal in common.   

I loved this episode!  It was way past time for Damon to get some sort of response from Elena.  But I am so tired of seeing her fall back on the "I don't know what I feel."  Of course you know how you feel, you just don't want to admit it.  It's getting old and hopefully she'll own up to her feelings before the end of the season.  

Another crazy moment was Ester popping into Rebekah's body. I cannot wait to to find out what plan she has to kill her children this time. 

What did you guys think of this episode and what are you hoping for by the end of the season?

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