Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guest: Delilah Dawson

Please welcome Delilah Dawson to the blog today! She's got a copy of WICKED AS THEY COME for one lucky commenter, so show her some love in the comments and let her know which blud animal you'd like to see in a future book!  (US only for book prize.)  And do tell, how can you resist a book with a gorgeous cover like that?

When Bludbunnies Attack
The day Wicked as They Come launched, I found two adorable rabbits on my front porch. And they both had blood all over their mouths. I just smiled and invited them inside.
It’s kind of funny how vampire rabbits can take over your life. I always thought Criminy Stain would be the heartbreaker in the Blud series, and yet the bludbunnies keep stealing the show. But it starts to make sense, when you think about why we love reading about vampires.
Let’s face it—death is ugly. There’s nothing sexy about the ways most of us will die. But vampires give us an out. You get romance, attractiveness, predatory confidence, and approachable darkness, all wrapped up with the promise of immortality. So not only does the heroine get a hot guy, but she also gets to live forever. It’s a pretty sweet deal.
But bunnies, of course, aren’t sexy. And bludbunnies can’t make a girl immortal. Neither can bludmares, bludhogs, or bludbadgers. What they can do is offer the prospect of death in an adorable package, and that’s something people can relate to. In our world, most animals look like what they are. Sharks and wolverines and vipers look like killing machines, while bunnies and kittens and wrinkly little pug puppies look like snuggle machines. Reverse that trope, and all bets are off. You can’t trust your instincts anymore. You’ve got a vicious killer that makes your brain and heart say, Awwwww, right before your jugular is ripped open. As a reader, it’s like being goosed by your own assumptions.
I have since received six bludbunnies, one of which was hand-crocheted and finished with red eyes and blood-slathered fangs. I keep them on my bookshelf beside the Sookie Stackhouse books, the Twilight books, and the Anne Rice books—and Bunnicula. Creating the perfect romance is tricky, because each of us looks for different ideal qualities in a male lead. Some of the reviews for Wicked as They Come were written by readers who love Criminy Stain and want to have a million of his half-blud babies. Others, which I probably shouldn’t read, consider him too insane, or not insane enough, or not alpha male enough, or too romantic, or possibly too fond of pet names. And my hope, of course, is that readers who didn’t connect with Criminy will find something to love in Casper’s particular brand of reckless genius and debauched gentleman in Wicked as She Wants next spring.
But one thing I’m pretty sure of: everybody’s going to love the cyborg bear cubs.
So here’s my question. Which blud animal would you most like to see rampaging adorably in a future Blud book?
Delilah S. Dawson is the author of Wicked as They Come, a steampunk paranormal romance out now with Pocket and the first in a series. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and at her blog. Her e-novella The Mysterious Madam Morpho will be out this October with Pocket Star with a new romance set in Criminy’s Clockwork Caravan.


Jewels said...

Hmmm we didn't see any blud kittens in the last one did we? I think the cute ones have the biggest impact LOL. That's why the bunnies were so awesome... not blud rabbits, bunnies, for extra-cute-evil effect.

molly.frenzel said...

There are so many animals to choose from and practically all of them are adorable when they are babies. I saw the most adorable pics of some otter cubs that have been floating around pinterest. I wish I could post a pic here. They are so cute wrapped like a baby in a blanket, sucking on a bottle. They'd be totally lethal as blud otters.

Elizabeth said...

Totally a blood ferret. They cuddle under your shirt and love to snuggle and while wrapping themselves around your neck for a soft,silky hug, proceed to rip your neck open. We love ferrets here.

Jeff said...

I'm going with a chick. To clarify I mean a baby chicken, not the other kind. ;-)

Taylor said...

Red panda. They're possibly the cutest animals on the planet.

Lil said...

The first thing to come to mind was a blud Hummingbird. They are adorable and just think of that long beak/bill.

little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

SandyG265 said...

I'll go with a Koala Bear because that would be different

Anonymous said...

I think a dormouse would be tiny and innocent looking, who would think they could cause such trouble, especially when there is more then one ^_^!

In some countries they are considered a delicacy and used to make a sleeping tonic, so of course they have to defend themselves lol

eydiefox @ yahoo dot com

Barbara E. said...

I'd love to see a little blud duckling, I'm not sure how that would work with no teeth, but hey, I'm sure you could make it happen. :D

Linda said...

A pack of blud squirrels would scare the crap out of me, jsyk *shudders*

best wishes, Linda xo