Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hard To Resist Cover!

I confess, sometimes a book cover sells the book for me.  As long as it's vaguely in the area of what I like to read, I will snatch that book up and tuck it under my arm to take home and gaze admiringly at the cover.  Thought I'd feature this sexy/fun/cute cover I stumbled upon while skimming the internets.  How can you not at least want to read the blurb after this cover?  Well, I've included the blurb, and a buy link, if you are so inclined.


Amy Atwood is a witch. Not the harm-none kind…the Satan-worshipping, devil-made-me-do-it kind. But after catching Lucifer in a particularly wicked hex act with her goodie-two-shoes Wiccan sister, Amy does what every self-respecting witch would do. She pops a Dove chocolate in her mouth, ends her affair with the devil, and swears an oath never to use magic again.
She wants to be normal. Human. Even if it means no more fun—and she’s looking for a nice, normal guy to complement her new lifestyle. Ice-cream-loving firefighter Adam Foster looks like perfect hero material.
Lucifer, however, isn’t about to be nice about letting her go.
Stalked by Satan, manipulated by the angel Gabriel—and surprised by Adam’s true identity—Amy finds herself up to her black hat in trouble of Biblical proportions.  Read an excerpt…

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JoAnne Kenrick said...

I picked up this one because of the cute and fun vibe the cover has, too. And I wasn't disappointed!!

On the flip side to this, there are covers that make me skip finding out more even if the subject matter is compelling.