Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Review: His Dark Embrace by Amanda Ashley



Tall, dark, mysterious—and with a faint scar on his cheek that only makes him more gorgeous—Kaiden Thorne is one schoolgirl obsession Skylynn never forgot. Now, returning to her childhood home after eight years, she can’t believe her reclusive neighbor is still living across the street—and hotter than ever. Skylynn doesn’t know how Kaiden manages to stay so young, virile, and impossibly attractive. But she knows she wants him…even if he harbors a fearful secret he refuses to tell her.

When Kaiden sees the beautiful young woman Skylynn has become, he can no longer control the bloodlust that is his true nature. Once he pulls Skylynn into his arms, presses his lips against hers—and accidentally draws blood—he longs for more. Only she possesses what he wants and what he needs. Only she can save him or destroy him. But once Skylynn agrees to help Kaiden battle his darkest desires, there is no turning back…


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sensuality: Hot

His Dark Embrace is another sensual vampiric delight from Amanda Ashley, full of mystery, suspense, and just the right amount of romance. A rich writing style weaves two worlds together when humanity collides with the needs of vampires hidden in plain sight. Kaiden is drawn to Skylynn in a way he never dreamed possible, but sharing his secret could have devastating effects, especially with a hunter on the loose. What begins as friendship rapidly progresses to lust and passion, something Amanda Ashley does very well.

Skylynn has been fascinated with her grandfather's mysterious neighbor, Kaiden, for as long as she can remember, a childish crush that blossoms into full blown lust when she returns home to discover Kaiden is virtually unchanged after all these years. Skylynn has just escaped a terrible marriage, grieves for her family, and needs to find herself before rushing into a relationship. Kaiden is a vampire that has spent his life searching for a way around his bloodthirsty needs, collaborating with Sky's grandfather to create a secret elixir, and living what appears to be a typical human life. When the grandfather suddenly passes away, the formula is seemingly lost forever, and Kaiden is forced to recreate the elixir on his own, searching for the one secret ingredient that doesn't appear to exist. Skylynn apparently holds the key to this mystery, as well as holding the key to Kaiden's heart, and he must protect them both. Powerful enemies would like to see Kaiden eliminated, and Skylynn stands directly in the way. (Zebra Mass Market, June, 384 pp., $7.99)

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Reviewed by Anna Dougherty
This book was sent via the publisher for reviewing purposes.


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