Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reviews: Nice Girls Don't series by Molly Harper

Jane Jameson is a librarian and she loves her job. Unfortunately for her, the head librarian has other plans and fires her. So she heads to a local bar and drinks her sadness away, and meets a nice gentleman named Gabriel. On her way home her car breaks down and she is forced to walk. This ends up being a bad decision because a local man who is drunk mistakes her for a deer and shoots her, she wakes up to find out that her new friend Gabriel saved her from death by turning her into a vampire. 
In, Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs Jane is trying to adjust to her new life as a vampire. She is confused and struggling to find her way in the new undead society. Jane also finds out that her Aunt Jettie has been haunting her house since her death, so at least she is not alone. Jane is also beginning a relationship with her sire Gabriel, finding friends in other vampires, and watching her best friend fall in love with a werewolf.  While trying to explain to her family about her new life and being framed for vampire murders she did not commit Jane is a busy girl.  
In, Nice Girls Don’t Date Dead Men, Jane is trying to help her best friend Zeb marry the girl of his dreams Jolene, now working in an occult bookstore, and trying to figure out just how the relationship with her sire Gabriel is going to work out. Unfortunately for Jane, Zeb’s mother Mama Ginger would rather she be the bride and so she is doing everything she can to make the marrying couple change, she even goes so far as to have her son hypnotized  into thinking he wants to marry Jane.  Jane is trying to keep her friend on track but is trying to solve the mystery of the man who is marrying her Grandmother, he is not what she thinks he seems to be. But her Grandmother has such a distaste for Jane she does not care about what Jane uncovers. 
In, Nice Girls Don’t Live Forever, Jane is now the owner of the occult bookstore as her employer passed away and left it to her.  Jane is struggling to find her way in her life still, as she is confused about her relationship with her sire again, he is distant and she thinks having an affair. But when strange letters and pictures start rolling in and she feels as though someone is watching her every move Jane is getting even more paranoid. Jane must figure out what to do with her life. But with a broken heart and creepy letters coming in the mail she is at her wits end. But the ever loving girl is also trying to support those around her, but things just might look up for Jane as things are not always what they seem.
Jenny's review:
I loved these books. They were very funny and enjoyable to read. The main character, Jane, just seems so normal and suffers from just being an awkward woman, you really just want things to go right for her and then the next thing you know things are back into strangeness and chaos for her. I mean come on, she looses her job in the first book on literally the first few pages, is shot and almost killed, but is turned into a vampire! Molly Harper is a fantastic author who uses humor so well it makes these books fantastic!!  These books are just a great simple enjoyable “beach” read, that will keep you laughing! Like reading a bad soap opera that you just can’s stop! Loved them!
Jenny's review of Molly Harper's latest Jane Jameson adventure, Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors, will be posted soon. Stay Tuned!


Rain Maiden said...

I have got to start this series.

Mina Lobo said...

These look like fun. Got the first one chillin' in my Amazon cart as I type! :-)

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