Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Family~ Season Finale

Unfortunately The CW didn’t pick back up The Secret Circle for a second season.   There are rumors of other stations picking it up, but right now its fate is not clear.  While I’m crossing my fingers that there is another season, this may be the last recap for The Secret Circle. 

Diana wakes up in Grant’s car and she has to leave.  She tells him that she wished she had woken up and they were miles across the country. 

Eben has Faye and he’s going to see how much her life is worth to the circle.

The group agrees that they need the crystal skull to fight Eben and the other witch hunters.  Eben calls Cassie on Faye’s phone and tells her to bring the crystal to him or Faye dies. 

Charles tells Dawn about Amelia “haunting” him.  She tells him it was John and that he said he wanted to destroy you. 

Cassie and Diana go to find John and they complete the ritual to construct the crystal skull.  The spell also unbinds the circle and they each have their own powers back. 

Jake says he’s going to find Faye and Adam gets mad and stops him and they realize that they have powers again. 

Melissa and Adam have a moment when he leaves to go find Diana and Cassie. 

Melissa and Jake sneak onto to the boat and find Faye but Eben catches them and ties them to a post.

Charles’s mother splits her power between Dawn and Charles and they go to help bring Faye back. 

John has trapped Diana and Cassie at the old house and tells them about four more Blackwell children that are on their way to Chance Harbor right now.  John tells them that he wants to kill all the other witches without Balcoin blood.  He wants pure witches.  Adam tries to get the skull and 
John sees him.  He flings Adam against the wall and Cassie realizes they need help and turns on Diana.  Cassie is killing Diana when Diana’s dark magic kicks in and explodes the spell holding them.  Cassie grabs the skull and uses it on John.  Diana helps her and John ends up dead. 
Charles and Dawn split up to save the kids and Charles takes the demons into himself while Dawn gets the other three out. 

Jake kills Eben before he leaves the boat. 

Charles sacrifices himself and throws himself off the boat.   

The circle shows up at Cassie’s and she apologizes profusely for letting John into their lives.  They agree that Adam should hide the skull and Diana tells them that she has to leave town.  No amount of 
Cassie’s pleading will stop her or change her mind.  Diana leaves to go meet Grant. 

There are ending shots of each witch using their own personal magic and a disturbing scene with Adam and the crystal skull. 

Faye tells Jake that she has plans and spends the evening with Melissa dancing around her house. 

As Diana and Grant are leaving town we see four figures with the same symbol on their hands that Diana and Cassie now have on their.  Blackwell’s four other children have arrived in Chance Harbor. 

I am so saddened that the story of the four other children may not be told.  

What were your thoughts on tonight's finale.  Did you want more of The Secret Circle?

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Roxanne Rhoads said...

I'm bummed, I liked the show. While I agree it's not as appealing as The Vampire Diaries, especially since they keep killing off the hot guys and Cassie is a little annoying, it was still a good supernatural show to watch.