Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Secret Circle ~Prom~

Basically this episode could be summed up in about four words… “Crystals!  Crystals!  Get Crystals!”   Oh yeah and Nick is back from the dead.  Sorta.

Diana and Cassie tell the group they saw Nick alive and of course it affects both Melissa and Jake.  Melissa thinks that Nick is probably just lost and needs help.  Cassie thinks that it’s Nick’s body, but he’s not home. 

Cassie sets out to find the crystal at the high school and gets jerked back in time to see her mom talking to someone.  She realizes she needs Diana to help. 

Charles warns Diana again to stay away from John and gives her the necklace that her mom wore.
Adam asks Cassie if she needs a ride and Faye intervenes and says they’re doing prom the right way with limo and champagne and all.  

Melissa finds Nick at the old house and tries to reason with him.  Adam interrupts and saves Melissa.  She tells him that Nick is after the crystal.

Dawn warns John not to hurt Charles because the whole town saw them fighting and it would get blamed on him.  John mysteriously says that he knows how to break the bond between Diana and Charles. 

Diana runs into Grant and makes plans to meet him at her house after the prom. 

John is lurking outside Charles’s house.  John makes the exact things happen in the kitchen that Charles made happen that killed Amelia.  Charles thinks he’s haunted and freaks out.

Diana and Cassie use their blood to see their moms talking about John Blackwell and that he used his power to make them all be fertile and get pregnant at the same time.  He was trying to make his own circle.  Cassie’s mom takes the crystal to Adam’s grandfather and tells him that she’s leaving town and that he should tell Ethan that she doesn’t love him. 

Melisa is chatting with Adam and she tells him that everyone else is at prom dancing and having a good time and they’re chasing crystals and demons.  Adam tells her it will get better and he makes the lights dim and the music play thorough the speaker and they dance together.  A nice moment between Adam and Melissa. 

Cassie tells Diana that she was right about John and that she’s sorry.   Diana gets mad and leaves.  Nick overhears where the crystal is and goes to get it.  A chase ensues…  and Adam gets to the crystal first but Nick hurts him and takes the crystal. 

Diana finds Charles huddled on the floor muttering about Amelia haunting him and she realizes that he killed Cassie’s mom.  Diana leaves the house and Grant finds her.  She breaks down sobbing in his arms. 

The rest of the group chases Nick into a junk yard and Eben is there.  Jake and Nick fight and Melissa ends up killing Nick.  She tells Jake that it wasn’t Nick.    After all the chaos dies down, they realize that Eben has taken Faye

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