Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Vampire Diaries ~Before Sunset~

Evil Alaric is in his classroom.

Caroline is at school talking to Tyler on the phone and he has to go help Klaus pack up his house
Caroline and Rebekah are cleaning up the gym from the dance, and Caroline tells Rebekah she’s sorry about her mom.  They have a nice little bonding moment before they realize that Evil Alaric is about to wreak havoc.  The two work together and stab him but he’s strong and he takes Caroline.    

Elena and Jeremy are chatting about life and moving on when Stefan interrupts to check on them.   
 Jeremy lashes out and he wants one day of no vampires in their lives. 

Rebekah tells Klaus they need to leave town that Alaric is set on killing them all.  Rebekah tells him that she’s leaving before sunset.

Damon turns up at the house with Bonnie and tells Stefan that Bonnie fed Alaric. 

Alaric calls Elena and tells her to come to the school that he has Caroline and he’ll kill her.
Klaus shows up at Elena’s and tells Damon and Stefan that he wants Elena.  They tell him no and of course he can’t in so he decides to fling things at the house, shattering windows.  They realize that 
Elena is gone and the brothers enlist Klaus’s help to save her. 

Alaric is terrorizing Caroline and tries to make Elena stake her.  Elena tries to stab him but ends up throwing vervain on him instead and letting Caroline go. 

Abby shows up to help Bonnie with a spell and they have to stop a human heart to lock Alaric down like Mikael.  Jeremy volunteers.  And Klaus, Stefan, and Damon drink blood to connect them all to Bonnie. 

Caroline runs and Klaus grabs her and tells her to go home, lock her doors and stay there.  They will save Elena. 

Klaus, Stefan, and Damon all grab Alaric and Bonnie starts the spell.  Alaric breaks the hold and knocks out Stefan and starts to hurt Damon and Klaus.  Elena grabs a knife and tells Alaric that she knows that he’s tied to her and that if she dies so will he. 

Elena later wakes up to find Klaus draining her blood.  He taunts Elena with the choice that she has to make and that she will tear the brothers apart.  Tyler steps in and saves her and Klaus almost kills him.  Stefan and Damon wake up just in time to help him.  Elena gets pushed down in the process and hits her head.  Stefan makes connection with Klaus and Bonnie completes her spell.  Klaus is dead… (For now)

Meanwhile Bonnie stops Jeremy’s heart and he almost dies.  They have a quiet moment together. 

The brothers take Elena home and she tells them that she knows it selfish to string them along, but if she chooses one of them, then she loses the other one.  Damon tells her its been a long day and they’ll call from the road.

Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt and Jeremy are having a victory party.  Caroline tells her that she heard the conversation Elena had with Stefan and Damon and tells her that she’s going to have to choose at some point.  Elena drinks a toast to them… her family. 

The sheriff shows up at the Lockwood’s place and Carol tells her they have a problem.  Alaric is there and he tells the council about Tyler and Caroline being the very things they are fighting against

Stefan and Damon bond while taking Klaus’s body somewhere.  They make a pact that no matter which one Elena chooses, the other one will leave town so they won’t interfere with the other’s relationship

Jeremy is finishing painting the room and Elena helps him.  He tells her he’s going to go to bed.   
Elena grabs her head and collapses with blood running out of her nose.  

The season finale is this coming Thursday!  Are you guys excited?  I can't wait to see what happens.  Hopefully Elena makes a choice between Stefan and Damon.  

The CW did pick up the show for the 4 season so I'll be back writing recaps!  I'll also post info and news about season 4 as it comes available.  

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