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The Vampire Diaries ~The Departed~ Season Finale

The season finale was packed with a lot of information and action.  Thankfully, The CW has picked up The Vampire Diaries for another season, so we’ll be seeing a lot more shocking things going on.  I’ll keep you updated with spoilers as soon as I hear them. 

Flashbacks:  Elena pops out of bed and gets dressed in her cheerleading outfit and heads downstairs to see Aunt Jenna and her mom.

Jeremy calls Stefan and tells him about Elena being in the hospital. The brothers tell Jeremy that she’s a sitting duck in the hospital and to take her home.   
Damon and Stefan discuss that one of them needs to keep moving with Klaus’s body.  Damon compares their life to one big coin toss. 

Alaric confronts Meredith and tells her that the town council is good at their job if they allow them to be.  He tells her that the council will be in touch about her medical license.  He tells Meredith to release Elena into his custody.  When he goes to get Elena he finds out that she’s gone. 

Caroline, Matt, and Jeremy take Elena home and Caroline tells her that she should drink tea with some Vodka.  She admits she’s being smothering, but that’s what she does.  Elena has a flashback to her cheerleading days and Bonnie telling her that she can’t string Matt along anymore.  She wakes up to find Matt watching out for her.  She apologizes for stringing him along and that’s she’s making the same mistake with Damon and Stefan.  Stefan turns up and comes into the house.  She hugs him and they have a moment. 

Alaric confronts Jeremy while he’s picking up food at the Grille.  Alaric says that he needs to know where they are keeping Klaus’s body so he can cut the vampires out of Elena’s life and keep them safe

Matt and Stefan are coddling Elena and she gets annoyed.  Elijah turns up at the house and bargains for Klaus’s body.  He tells them that he’s his brother and that he promised to keep them together.  He won’t wake Klaus until well after Elena’s lifetime.  Damon is on speaker phone telling her not to do it and that they can’t trust Elijah.  Elena agrees to give up the body after Stefan lets her make her own decision.  Jeremy calls Alaric and tells him where Damon is supposedly taking Klaus’s body.   
Jeremy says that he bought it. 

The Mayor and the Sheriff warn Caroline and Tyler that the council knows about them and that they are in danger.  They have to leave Mystic Falls.  Tyler and Caroline agree to run after Caroline says goodbye to her friends. 

Bonnie and Damon go to pick up Klaus’s body and Bonnie demands a moment alone with Klaus. 

Stefan promises Elena he will protect Jeremy and make sure they all come back.  They kiss and he tells her just in case there is no later. 

Damon is waiting on Rebekah to show up to get Klaus’s body and instead Alaric finds him and breaks his neck after Damon won’t tell him which storage locker Klaus is in. 

Elena tells Matt that she doesn’t want to lose anyone else.  Stefan urged her to live again after her parents died, but Damon consumes her.  Elena falls asleep and flashes back to talking to her mom about Matt.  Her mom tells her that if she doesn’t want what Matt wants, then she needs to set him free.  Elena wakes up in Matt’s truck and realizes that Matt drugged her.  She insists that he take her home. 

Rebekah arrives at the storage unit and Damon grabs her to keep her quiet.  They try to sneak Klaus’s body out but Alaric catches them.  He shoves Damon and Rebekah out of the way and stakes Klaus.  Flames shoot from his body as Rebekah screams.  Damon makes her run before Alaric can stake her. 

Damon calls Stefan and tells him that Alaric staked Klaus and that they need to say goodbye.  It took Sage about an hour to die after Finn died. 

Elena gets the call that Klaus got staked and makes Matt turn around.  He tells her that Damon isn’t with them.  He’s a 100 miles out of town.  Elena chooses to go back to Stefan. 

Caroline goes rushing to Tyler and he tells her that he’s  a lost cause and that she has a beautiful future ahead of her and to tell his mom that he ran like he was supposed to. They kiss and she tells him that she won’t let him die alone but he turns into a werewolf and makes her run. 

Elena calls Damon and he asks which one she would have chosen.  She tells him that Stefan was there for her and that she’s always loved him.  Maybe if they had met first it would have been different.  He hangs up on a tearful Elena and Alaric is waiting on him.   Alaric and Damon fight and Damon flashes back to the first time he met Elena was actually the night her parents died in the crash.  She had been fighting with Matt and she tells Damon she doesn’t know what she wants.  He tells her that he knows what she wants… she wants passion and a little bit of danger and that she wants a love that consumes her.  Alaric continues to beat on him.

Caroline calls Elena to tell her about Tyler and Matt gets angry.

Rebekah tells Elijah that Klaus is gone and there was nothing she could to stop it.  She tells Elijah that the hunter won’t stop until they are all dead and she takes off. 

Bonnie is in the cellar where Tyler was.  He comes out and tells her that the sprits won’t be happy with her and she tells him that she’s tired of being pushed around by them all.  He tells Bonnie that there is no deal if hunter keeps coming after them.  It seems that Klaus has taken up residence in Tyler’s body.

Rebekah flashes in front of Matt’s truck on Wickery Bridge and the truck flies off it.  The truck is under water and Elena flashes back and forth from present to past.  We get to see how her parents died and her father insisting that Stefan save Elena and not him.  Current events meld into past and Stefan arrives and Elena demands he save Matt.  Elena starts to die.

Alaric is beating Damon when Alaric loses his strength.  He and Damon both realize that if he is dying then so is Elena.

Meanwhile Elena dies underwater and Alaric dies in Damon’s arms.  

Jeremy gets a visit from Alaric.  The good Alaric. It takes Jeremy a while to figure out he’s a ghost and that Elena has died too. 

Stefan is sitting in the morgue with Elena when Damon arrives at the hospital.  Meredith intercepts him and tells him that when Elena came in earlier, she was hemorrhaging blood in her brain and that she “fixed” her.  Damon realizes what she means. Meredith tells him that Elena died with vampire blood in her system.

At last we see Elena still dead with Stefan looking tormented.  Elena’s eyes flash open and she gasps for breath.  

So tell me what did you guys think?  I know that I was so disappointed when Elena chose to go back to Stefan.  It was her choice that led her to be dead.  If she had chose to keep driving to Damon she wouldn't have been a vampire.  
I was shocked when Alaric actually stabbed Klaus, but thankful he's in Tyler's body.   
Also what do you think Elena is going to be like as a vampire?

I am already really excited for next season.  Julie Plec the writer of the Vampire Diaries has already spilled some really good teasers.  I'll provide lots of those next week in my post. 

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