Friday, June 1, 2012

The books we could not finish

Some might see posting a review that lists a book as a DNF as a bad thing, and it can be, but sometimes these reviews can serve another purpose, one that I don't see as being altogether bad. A person can not like a book for a wide variety of reasons: they (the reader) might have trouble relating to the characters, the plot might be too personal, the plot might be too far out there, the cover might annoy them, the series might be too established, the back cover description doesn't match the actual story, or they simply aren't in the mood for that particular genre. Do any of these reasons mean that the book is bad? Certainly not.

Not every book will appeal to every's as simple as that.

In my case, it's usually a matter of wanting to start a series at the beginning, but being sent the latest release individually. That just doesn't work for me.

However, Jenny and I both feel that even though we didn't finish a book, for whatever reasons, doesn't mean that another blog reader might not really like it. So every few weeks we will promo the books that we didn't finish and if you've read them yourself we'd love to hear what you think.

I've linked all of these titles to Goodreads so that you can see what others are saying and decide for yourself if they might be a good fit for you, or if you want to start a new series.

Our most recent DNF's:

Demons Like It Hot

I don't often have a book that I don't finish and in the case of Demons Like It Hot, I'm not sure why but I could not get into the characters, or the campy humor. However, that isn't to say they were bad, just not for me. My recommendation would be that if you like comedic paranormals, like Mary Janice Davidson's Queen Betsey, then this is for you. Don't think this means I've given up on these guys though, I'm betting it's a mood thing and I'll pick this up at a later date. I'll let ya know.

Succubus Revealed

I'm not a huge fan of the starred rating system because I don't believe in trashing a book. Just because I didn't finish reading doesn't mean that others will have the same problem. In fact, I know this series gets many favorable reviews (Goodreads rates at 4.31), and most folks really enjoy the humor of Richelle Mead. Hell, I usually do too. However, both Jenny and I come to this series having not read all the previous books, which makes reviewing #6 pretty tough to do. I read books 1 thru 3. Jenny hadn't read any. So my recommendation is: read this series in order.


Void City has been on my list for awhile now, for that magical day when I suddenly have nothing to do but read really kickass books all day because elves have taken over the housework and Gordon Ramsey is in my kitchen whipping up something delicious for dinner. Why the DNF then? Essentially, that day hasn't come and I couldn't pick up the series without reading all the previous books first. I passed Burned along to Jenny, but she had the same problem I did...without knowing what happened in previous books it was difficult to understand this one. I've heard incredible things about Eric and this terrific UF setting, so I am keeping this one on my shelves for a time when I can start at the beginning.

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