Friday, June 8, 2012

Guest Review: ONCE BURNED by Jeanine Frost

The winner of our contest to review Jeanine Frost's ONCE BURNED is Alicia Hall, and she's already read the book and sent us a fabulous review.  Alicia has her own review site, and you can find that here:   ONCE BURNED hits bookstores June 26th.  I know I don't have to tell you all to go out and buy it, because it's probably already on your Must Read lists!

Alicia's review:
Once Burned is the first book in the Night Prince series.  This is a spin-off from the Night Huntress series.  This one features my favorite character in the series Vlad. He has this whole arrogant, sexy and freighting thing going on all at once.  Which he takes as a compliment.  It just doesn't get any steamier than Vlad.

Once Burned is told from Leila's point of view.  We start by learning that she is human but has an extraordinary gift.  When she was younger she touched a down power line and when she awoke from a coma she learned that she had changed.  She now  has electricity coursing through her body at all times so when she touches someone they get a deadly shock.  With her gift comes the ability to see someone's darkest sin with a single touch of her right hand.  She also sees memories from the past, present and future.  Which is why she gets herself kidnapped by vampires.  They want to use her ability to find the famous Vlad so they can kill him.
Vlad is still as smoldering as we remember him, but as he gets more acquainted with Leila we get to see that he does have a softer side to him.  Their romance is great.  They face off many times during this novel.  Vlad is used to getting his way however Leila doesn't seem to care if he likes what she has to say or not.  He knows that they will end up together  and he seems to enjoy embarrassing her about it.  She takes quite a bit of convincing but once they did end up together well let's just say there was one hell of a sizzling current. Their chemistry in Once Burned leaves you feeling breathless and wanting more.
This novel had a lot of action which is what I have come to expect from Jeaniene Frost.  She really knows how to lay out a plot  to keep you guessing.  The scenes change between action, romance, mystery and a little bit of heart break all in perfect time to keep you turning the page.   We even get to have a small scene with Cat and Bones.  You just can't have a Frost book without a little Bones action!

The final showdown was glorious.  Even with the many questions left unanswered I was happy with the ending.  Vlad and Leila's future is one vision we don't get in Once Burned.  How will this story unfold?  I applaud Frost's ability to leave you completely satisfied but also demanding more. I don't think 2013 will come soon enough.
Once Burned is a blazing hot and electrifying read.  Night Huntress fans will devour this book in no time.  However if this is the first book in this world that you pick up have no fear, Once Burned will sweep you right in and leave you burning for more.

—Alicia Hall for VampChix & Bite Club

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Rain Maiden said...

Sounds like I can jump right in. Thank you for the fabulous review, I'll be adding this one to my pile....I mean bookshelf.