Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: The Braddock Boys: Colton

Book Description:

Guys don't tend to find gals with guns too sexy. So after years of awkward fumblings, deputy Shelly Lancaster is lookin' for a man…. Not for love—good Lord, no. She just wants some hot, heavy and unforgettable sex with a man who knows exactly what he's doing!

As it turns out, Shelly's just found the perfect guy. Cowboy Colton Braddock is tasty as hell—and one of the perks of being a vampire is that he has years of hot, lusty loving under his belt. Unfortunately, this cowboy also has a wicked thirst for vengeance. But will it prove stronger than his hunger for her?


Who said vampires and cowboys don't mix? They've obviously never read The Braddock Boys by Kimberly Raye! Colton and Shelly wrap up this blazing trilogy with an instant connection that will knock your socks off. The hayride scene alone is risqué, naughty, and a personal favorite. Cameos from Brent and Travis help tie up any loose ends, giving these brothers a much deserved happy ending.

It isn't easy maintaining a proper image or living up to ones expectations, especially in the tiny town of Skull Creek, where everyone knows everyone and privacy is just a word. Deputy Shelly Lancaster wants two things: (publicly) to run for sheriff in the upcoming election, and (privately) to have one night of mindblowing, earth shattering sex. She gets her very private wish, and then some, when sexy cowboy Colton Braddock comes to town, redefining every fantasy she's ever had. Colton has another agenda altogether, and a feisty female sheriff isn't part of the plan. He is a vampire bent on revenge, with a strong sense of obligation combined with a heaping dose of self recrimination to keep him focused. Sex and love are definitely not part of the plan.

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*I purchased this title. I'm actually kinda pissy that I missed Brent's book, but I will find it and remedy that situation as soon as I can.

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