Thursday, June 21, 2012

True Blood Recap - Ep. 2: Authority Always Wins & Winner Announcement


What's up True Blooders?!  Hope you guys are having a less hectic week than I am.  I had every intention of throwing this post up on Tuesday but, as you can see that didn't happen.  *sigh*  What can you do except keep calm and carry on, right?  During the off season I'd been thinking about how I wanted to tackle these recaps and I've decided to do a list of some of my favorite (or lease favorite) moments of the show.  I wanted these posts to be more discussion like instead of me sitting here and regurgitating the entire episode when you'd already watched it (or were getting ready to).  So without further ado let's get down to the nitty gritty of episode 2.

  • I don't know about you guys but, if my mentally unstable, recently turned vampire homie was tearing up my house I would've chained her up in silver STAT.
  • Anyone else a big fan of the Pam flashbacks?  Because this girl right here most definitely is.
Gotta love a man who cleans up nice.
  • I love it when Alcide gets mad and his voice does that thing.  *RAWR*
  • WTH did Terry get himself into?  And what was up with him talking all crazy to Arlene?!
  • Speaking of talking crazy, Luna has a lot of nerve to turn on Sam the way she did.  That man was beatin' within an inch of his life because of her.  How dare you ma'am.  How dare you.
  • Speaking of Luna, how adorable is her daughter...
  • I think Andy deserves a round of applause y'all.  I really like that they didn't have him going back on the dope.
  • Loved the whole good vamp/bad vamp interrogation scenes with Bill and Eric.  I was half expecting the Law & Order sound effect to kick in at any second.
This so does not look like fun.
  • You know what the next dance craze is going to be kids?  The Steve Newlin Boogie.  You heard it here first.  ;-)
Why, oh why, would you mess with Jess.
  • I don't know why but, I wasn't the least bit shocked when Tara tells Sook and Lafayette that she's never going to forgive them.  I think they should've staked her when they had the chance.
  • I'm not sure how the rest of you feel about this move but, I really, really really like that they cast Christopher Meloni as Roman.  Dude is INTENSE.

I love that Eric looks bored to tears.
  • Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy....I can't wait to see what Russell has in store for our motley crew.  He looks like he's just about ready to go get him some payback.

Lafayette:  Do something.
Pam:  I am.  I'm laughing.

'Hair pulling?  Really?'
-Jessica to Steve Newlin

Andy:  Jesus, Stackhouse.  Have you had sex with every woman in this town?
Jason:  I don't know, close, I guess.

'According to Nan Flanagan, what is it that she liked to call you guys, fuck up 1 and fuck up 2.'
-Roman to Eric and Bill

You didn't think I'd forget, did you?  The winner of the autographed copy of Deadlocked is...

Congrats Molly N.!  I will be sending an e-mail your way shortly.

Alright ladies and gents there you have it.  I'm dying to know what YOU guys thought of episode 2.  What were some of your favorite moments, quotes or images?

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