Saturday, July 14, 2012

~Beauty and the Beast Comic-Con News~

The CW is premiering a new show Beauty of the Beast.  The show’s premise is:  “Nearly ten years ago, Catherine Chandler’s mother was murdered in front of her and she only escaped death because of the intervention of a shadowy figure. 

In present day New York City, Catherine works as a Special Crimes Unit detective.  Her continuing guilt over her mother’s death winds up putting both her and her beastly savior’s lives at risk in her continuing pursuit of the truth.”

This show is loosely based off the 1980’s show of the same name; one striking difference to the previous incarnation is that Jay Ryan’s Beast, still named Vincent will spend time looking more human, although he has a very noticeable scar.   

We also learn Vincent’s origins are spelled out through the device of a military experiment. There’s a chemical that was inject into his body that makes him change into a terrifying beast when he’s enraged complete with super strength and heightened senses.  While there are definite changes to the series, they promise to keep the romance alive.  The episodes will have two major forces guiding them: romance and the mythology.

During the Comic-Con panel the producers assured fans that it's not whether Catherine and Vincent will get together, but when and how many times.

****The show premiers October 11 9/8c****

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