Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest and Contest with SB Knight

Today we have debut author, SB Knight hanging out in our little vamp cave, and not only is he sharing a trip down memory lane, he's giving away a copy of Born Of Blood! So we get to learn a little about his book and a little bit about why he turned to dark the dude is a huge Supernatural fan which means he's a-okay in my book. So let's give a bloody warm welcome to SB Knight *wild clapping and cheering inserted here*

Bloody Inspirations!

Before I begin today’s post I would like to thank VampChix for hosting me. You just gotta love a good vampire site. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is SB Knight and I am the author of Born of Blood and the soon to be released Drago’s Revenge. These are books one and two of The Blood Chronicles trilogy. What’s Born of Blood about? I’m so glad you asked.

Born of Blood is about a woman named Jesse. She is independent but looking for love. After finding Drake on the Internet she decides to go out with him and quickly notices his odd and eccentric ways. The date is great but ends in a very strange, passionate, and confusing way. As their budding relationship builds, Jesse is increasingly plagued by nightmares. Yet, their relationship takes a stumble when Jesse meets Sam and true feelings erupt. Ah, but this is just the tip of the ice berg as Jesse also discovers a secret about her family; one that puts her and anyone around her in imminent danger. Stalked and hunted by a cunning, brutal, and ruthless creature of evil, Jesse must discover the truth in order to survive; the other option is a fate worse than death. The truth is in the blood.

Why did I write Dark Fantasy and why start with vampires? These are both good questions but you would need to journey with me back in time to see the beginning. I wasn’t always a vampire fan. When I was young I would get awful nightmares so scary books and horror movies were off limits to me. That all changed when I turned 11. That summer I watched two movies that started a ripple effect which continues even now. They were:

Oh yes, these two got the ball rolling. Now before you judge, remember I was only 11 (I think). Although, who can forget these great lines: “wolf-men have nards!” from The Monster Squad and “I’ve been slimed” from The Ghostbusters. These two pulled me into the realm of monsters and I stayed. As I aged I began watching other movies but I noticed the draw to vampires more than the other creatures of the night. There is a reason for that because I was watching movies such as:

I really like Dracula but I will be honest, the scene of the little boy tapping his friend’s window in Salem’s Lot freaked me out. Then again, that’s what Dark Fantasy and Horror is all about, the scare factor. I measure many of the vampire movies I see to Dracula, I believe it is one of the most complete and captivating of the vampire movies. Wait; notice I did not say the best vampire movie. Before I continue, these are just a few of the movies I am mentioning here. These movies have a place in my memory but are not the only movies out there that I’ve seen. With that said, there is one last movie that captured and propelled my imagination for the creatures that prowl the night. This is perhaps my favorite, it has a little of everything including an ending you didn’t see coming. I still watch it from time to time and that movie is:

Say what you will, but when this movie came out it drew a massive following. As the years passed by the vampire and creature features seem to take a turn. I will not say they were all bad, but very few made the mark. I did find one show that combines humor, emotion, action, and fear that I crave from Dark Fantasy. I began watching this show from the first episode and still watch it now. You may have heard of it, but before I tell you I will give you a hint, one of the characters in Born of Blood goes by the name Sam Dean. The show is:

I know, I did not include books, but I’m more of a visual person. I read comic books, Poe, Shakespeare, and a few others which is how my writing style developed but my imagination grew from these movies and shows.

When it finally dawned on me that I wanted to be an author, and a Dark Fantasy author at that, I went back to these memories. No, my vampire is not a knock off of these or the new age vampires. I took the best (or darkest) aspects of these vampires and added it to what I believed a vampire should be. This gave rise to my debut novel, Born of Blood and the sequel Drago’s Revenge (which releases in October).

I do hope you enjoyed this trip down the haunted path with me. It is a glimpse into my mind I don’t typically share, but I was asked to do just that, share something new about me. I think it’s time for some fun so let’s have a little contest. I am offering a free copy of my novel Born of Blood. All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. If we have enough comments I will hand out two copies.

Are you ready to read what has been called a brilliant, terrifying, great, and awesome debut novel? Good, here are the purchase links to get your copy of Born of Blood:


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Tima Maria said...

Okay, your book blurb has got me hooked!
Since your vampires are not New Age, I'm fascinated to find out exactly how you've portrayed them.
Have you started writing the second in the series yet?

Zita said...

Sounds good! I've added it to my TBR list on Goodreads :-)

Anonymous said...

Tima - Thank you, I hope you enjoy the addictive darkness that lurks in Born of Blood. Drago's Revenge (which comes out in October) is the second in the series. I am currently writing the third.

Zita - And thank you for joining me on Goodreads. I like being on TBR lists...almost as much as I like being on the I read it list.

molly.frenzel said...

Awesome post! I'm really looking forward to checking out Born of Blood. Sounds right up my alley.


Rain Maiden said...

I loved Ghost Busters the "Doa-Ray-Egon" still cracks me up. Beetlejuice was also a favorite too. So glad you stoped by, love discovering new vampire reads.

Anonymous said...

Molly - Thank you for joining me today. Who knows, you may be a lucky winner of this contest but,either way it goes I hope you will check out and enjoy reading Born of Blood.

Rain - LOL, I remember that line too. I saw Beetlejuice at the movies when it was released (yea, I'm old). I'm happy to be given the opportunity to meet all of you today.

SandyG265 said...

Born of Blood sounds intersesting. I've added it to my TBR list.

Anonymous said...

Sandy - Thank you. I hope you enjoy reading Born of Blood.

Carin said...

I loved Dracula and Lost Boys they are great memories from being a tween/teen I have to agree that the little boy is Salem's lot was way creepy (the book however I couldn't sleep with the lights off for weeks)

Your books sounds like it would be a great addition to my vampire library.

bn100 said...

Fun post. The book sounds good.


tetewa said...

This is my favorite kind of read and by the way I'm a huge Supernatural fan!

Anonymous said...

Carin - Yes those movies are good but it never fails that the books are better. Also I would count it a honor to have Born of Blood as part of your Vampire Book Library! Thank you for joining me here.

Anonymous said...

I like meeting fellow Supernatural fans! I do hope you check out and enjoy Born of Blood. Thank you for joining me here!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Please do check out Born of Blood and enjoy.