Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest: Anne Elizabeth

We welcome author and artist, Anne Elizabeth to the coffin today.  How fun to create art in many different forms on the page!  Please check out her latest, THE POWER PLAY, which releases in October.

Anne Elizabeth is a romance author and comic creator. For the past five years she also been the columnist on comics, manga and graphic novels for RT BOOK REVIEWS magazine. Fantasy and paranormal have always been first loves and the story she started in high school is now a graphic novel and comic book series for teens.

The series begins with PULSE OF POWER – a story about a woman, Tia Stanton, who gains great power and has the choice on whether she wants to live into her destiny or walk from it. The message is one of empowerment and faith in yourself and teenagers have responded favorably in droves filling her email box and talking about their favorite parts.

In THE PENDULUM – Tia goes off world and interacts with alien creatures. She becomes the turning point that helps the natives in their fight against a horrifically brutal regime.

The third graphic novel – THE POWER PLAY – releases in October at the New York Comic Con and focuses on Tia’s romantic interest throughout the series and taking the next step. There is also a murder mystery plotline that keeps the intrigue and story moving forward.

“I adore combining genres and romance in graphic novel form. I devoured romance, mystery, paranormal, and science fiction books as a kid and always wrote my own stories on the areas I wanted to see more action and adventure,” said Anne Elizabeth. “Writing keeps the fire of creativity burning and I always have two to three projects happening at once.”

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Renee Bernard said...

I love this series and the originality of it!! If anyone is looking for a great read, I'd recommend the PULSE OF POWER series hands down!!!!

Anne Elizabeth Rocks!!

Cathy Maxwell said...

I enjoyed The Pulse of Power. Great story line and graphics. Thanks for having Anne Elizabeth as a guest.

DC DeVane said...

I LOVED both PULSE OF POWER and THE PENDULUM and have been anxiously waiting for the next one in the series. October can't come soon enough so I can get my Anne Elizabeth FIX with THE POWER PLAY. Seriously, AE is one of my favorite storytellers. Great characters, interesting, innovative plots, quality art and production values. I'm hooked. I love her Romance books and now I have a whole new genre to follow her in. I'm a happy camper. You will be too. If you haven't read her before, give her a shot. You'll be glad you did.

Leslie Wainger said...

Can't wait for THE POWER PLAY. Anything that has Anne Elizabeth and a monkey on the cover gets my attention. *g*

Kim in Hawaii said...

PULSE OF POWER rocks for women and teens! Many of my readers - military spouses - have shared their "comic" with their daughters.

Anne Elizabeth is an box of energy - open yourself to her, and her goodness shines on you!

Elf2060 said...

Looks like a fascinating series. Thank you for sharing.