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Guest: Yolanda Sfetsos

Yolanda is back with us, featuring an awesome urban fantasy, SPLIT AT THE SEAMS! Go check it out!

Strange worlds within a familiar world...

Hi everyone! Firstly, I want to thank VampChix for having me over today. I've loved vampires for a long time, so it's great to be here. :) I'll never get sick of vampires, and am always on the lookout for a new vampire book, movie, or show. Love 'em.

Today, I'm actually not going to talk about vampires, even though there will be vamps in an upcoming installment in my latest series. Instead, I'll be chatting about a genre that I absolutely adore: urban fantasy.

Urban fantasy is one of my favourite genres for many reasons. One of the main reasons why I love it so much is because the stories are set in our world but with some supernatural, magical, otherworldly additions. In some cases, humans have no idea that they're sharing the world with a variety of creatures of the night. Sometimes, they know all about it.

I love the freedom of world building within a world that already exists, and we all know so well.

My Sierra Fox Stories series is exactly like that. The heroine is a Spook Catcher in a world where ghosts exist. Although they can't be seen by everyone, they're accepted within society. They're mostly the energy of dead people who aren't ready to move on yet, though there are several chaotic non-human types as well. Either way, all spooks need to adhere to certain rules. When they don't, Sierra steps in and captures them so they can be sentenced.

Sierra lives in a fictional suburb situated in Sydney, Australia. It pretty much encompasses a bit of every place I've ever lived. It was tricky--yet fun--to create a place within a place that already exists, which highlights what I mentioned above. :)

The focus of this series might be on ghosts, but as Sierra is slowly finding out... there are many other monsters hiding in the dark. Ones that the humans know nothing about.

And that, is why I adore this genre! The possibilities are endless...

So, do you like urban fantasy stories as much as I do?

Thanks for reading!

All it takes is one broken stitch for everything to come apart at the seams.

Sierra Fox, Book 2

Spook catcher Sierra Fox has paid her debt to the Spook Catcher Council. Life should be easier. Except everything is going to the dogsóor demons, as the case may be. Her boyfriend Jonathan is acting like a possessive jerk. She canít stop drooling over Jason, her hunky, injured houseguest, who turns out to be a werewolf. To top it off, something seriously freaky is happening to spooks all over Sydney.

Prime example: a ghost who wants to hire her fades while inside her office, and soon theyíre disappearing all over Sydneyó sucked out of existence. When Sierra finds out whoís behind it, itís more than just her own life at stake.

As the problems continue to mount, keeping her head above water is a daily battle. Add a stalking, feral animal who is determined to take a piece out of her hideóliterallyóand life is anything but a bunch of buttercups. Especially when those around her start dropping their faÁades.

Eventually, she knows, the dust will settle. Only this time, life as she knew it may never be the same.

Product Warnings

Spook catching: Do not try this at home, if youíre under eighteen, or under the influence. Must be prepared to fight off ghosts, demons, weird black dogs and sexy werewolvesÖ Okay, maybe not the werewolf.

SPLIT AT THE SEAMS is now available from Samhain Publishing, Kindle, Nook, iTunes.






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