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Review: HEXCOMMUNICATED by Rafael Chandler

This was an awesome read.  End of review.  ;-)

Okay, I'll elaborate for the curious.  First, I need to say that this is a story I would have never picked up on my own.  It's not a genre I read in (military/action-adventure/horror/paranormal), and if someone would have tried to convince me to give it a shot, I would have politely shook my head 'no'.  But, the author emailed and asked if I would be interested, and every once in a while I like to step out of my cozy little box and read stuff I wouldn't normally read.  Very glad I did.

By the way, this book is currently available in digital format for only .99.  Grab it!  No reason not to give it a try at that great price.

HEXCOMMUNICATED centers around an operative in Hex Division (Hermetic Extropy Division), a next-generation cybernetic clan of soldiers.  Agent Tepes, a Vampoule, has recently learned through a psychic vision (not his own) that he is going to be killed—soon—and he's also just been hexcommunicated from his division.  So he's on the run, and forced to solve the mystery of his forthcoming murder all in this neat, tightly-plotted story that takes place over just a few hours.

Governments have been experimenting since WWII in all sorts of interesting cybernetic alterations to normal mortal men, and a few are interestingly named Nosferodents, Psychanthropes, Fearwolves and telekenetic Soultergeists.  I know, the names initially sound kinda funny, but they really are quite clever once you embrace the fun aspects that are threaded throughout this story.  As well, the world-building is incredibly creative and clever. Coming from an author who has written video games, I would expect the tight action and inventive characters, but what proved a real treat was the emotion Chandler wove into the story.  And yes, there was even a teeny bit of romance and some bits of feelings about that relationship from the hero's POV.  Those insights crafted a well-rounded hero that I think most readers will be able to relate to (even those who normally only read paranormal romance; like me).

One of my favorite 'creatures' was the Skelekenetic, who unleashes an bloody fury on the hero through Handroids.  Yeah, Handroids are kind of exactly what they sound like.  Disembodied hands cybernetically altered to kill.  Loved it!  Eventually an entire army of zombies—yes, Chandler even manages to squeeze zombies into this creature-fest—stalks the hero who is more of an anti-hero, in my opinion.

By the end of the story you will be routing for the clan of misfits gathered by Agent Tepes to solve his mystery.  Favorite line spoken by the hero:  "I'm a fruit bat."  You'll smile at that one, and be glad you picked up the book to read.
For an action-packed non-stop ride through a wild and wacky world of cyber-enhanced creatures, you should check out Hexcommunicated.  The writing is smart, snappy, and the worldbuilding is A+.

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Blurb: Agent Nick Tepes is a Vampoule, a synthetic vampire specializing in counterterrorism operations. When his team picks up chatter about an imminent attack from the Al-Hazred terrorist network, Tepes and his unit of FAE operatives move to intercept.

However, a psychic has already seen the future: as the sun comes up, the terrorists will strike, and Tepes will die. The team has one night to prevent this prophecy from coming true, but the psychics of Hex Division are never wrong...

My debut novel, Hexcommunicated, is an urban fantasy thriller set in a world of cybernetic werewolves, undead spies, and Lovecraftian terrorists.

— Michele Hauf for Bite Club

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