Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spooktacular Sunday review: The Deadlies: Felix Takes the Stage by Kathryn Lasky

Book description:

The Deadlies are like any other family with a loving mother and bright, rambunctious children. Except they're spiders. Really, really poisonous ones. But Edith and her children are kind and cultured. In fact, the Deadlies had been happily living in a Boston symphony hall until Edith's son, Felix, had a . . . misunderstanding with the maestro. Now they have to outwit the overzealous arachnologists and evil exterminators as they hunt for a new home. Will they ever find a place to live in peace?

Jenny's review:

Felix loves music at the families home at the Philharmonic.  His mother tells him, never reveal yourself to humans. because they are a family of brown recluse, people are scared of them. When Felix forgets this rule and shows himself to the conductor, the conductor falls to the ground in fear. And Felix’s mother knows what will happen next, exterminators. The family has to move, they take their friend Fat Cat with them and find a lovely antique shop.  But other spiders are not happy to meet them, they have to find themselves a place in the world.  The family is just settling in when they are attacked by Pirate Spiders, in the battle Felix’s family helps save a family that was once mean to them.  But then they find out the exterminators are coming there too and the family must move again. They choose to go to the Boston Public Library, where they find the perfect place for them.

This was a cute story of being a family and working together. It showed that spiders, like humans, tend to judge others by what they look like instead of who they are. I liked how the mother tried to teach her children to look at the world but then was also taught by her children not to judge others. It was funny that they were good friends with a cat and that the cat helped them travel. Another great thing about this book is that it had a lot of great vocabulary in it, so a reader would learn much!  I looked online and it said that this book was for grades third through fifth, I agree if the reader is good at finding meaning in context as some of the language would be difficult for a reader who is not so strong. There is also one part in the book during the pirate attack where a spider says that the pirates can take his wife and leave his children. Well the wife is not happy with this so she calls him a “pompous ass” (Just so you are aware.)  All in all a really cute book about talking spiders and their life on the run from the exterminators!  And at the end of the book it has facts about spiders. Smile

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