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Spooktacular Sunday review: Graveminder by Melissa Marr

Book description:

Three sips to mind the dead . . .

Rebekkah Barrow never forgot the attention her grandmother Maylene bestowed upon the dead of Claysville, the small town where Bek spent her adolescence. There wasn't a funeral that Maylene didn't attend, and at each one Rebekkah watched as Maylene performed the same unusual ritual: She took three sips from a silver flask and spoke the words "Sleep well, and stay where I put you."

Now Maylene is dead, and Bek must go back to the place she left a decade earlier. She soon discovers that Claysville is not just the sleepy town she remembers, and that Maylene had good reason for her odd traditions. It turns out that in Claysville the worlds of the living and the dead are dangerously connected; beneath the town lies a shadowy, lawless land ruled by the enigmatic Charles, aka Mr. D. If the dead are not properly cared for, they will come back to satiate themselves with food, drink, and stories from the land of the living. Only the Graveminder, by tradition a Barrow woman, and her Undertaker—in this case Byron Montgomery, with whom Bek shares a complicated past—can set things right once the dead begin to walk.

Although she is still grieving for Maylene, Rebekkah will soon find that she has more than a funeral to attend to in Claysville, and that what awaits her may be far worse: dark secrets, a centuries-old bargain, a romance that still haunts her, and a frightening new responsibility—to stop a monster and put the dead to rest where they belong.

Jenny's review: 

Rebekkah Barrow is sad to find out that her grandmother Maylene has passed on, but now she must return to Claysville quickly because the traditions of the town state that they must bury her quickly.  Rebekkah remembers the way her grandmother took care of the deceased and went to their graves but never understood what the real reasons behind it were.  When she returns Rebekkah is forced to face many past events, her sister dying, her stepfather dying, and the man she loves but runs away from Byron.  Byron also does not understand the ways of Claysville and is confused about what his part in death is, as the morticians son he sees things for what they are but is not prepared for his role.   Together they find out that they are the Graveminder and the Undertaker and they must work together to keep the dead where they are supposed to be and catch the ones that escape before they come back to earth to kill the people of Claysville.  But neither Rebekkah nor Byron are prepared for what is coming their way when they finally give into destiny, can Byron save her from the Underworld. and can they save Claysville from the person hurting it?
This was one of the creepiest books I have ever read! But I could not put it down!! I mean icky, it starts with her grandmother sitting at the grave talking with the dead and telling them to stay where she puts them. As the reader you sort of understand what Rebekkah and Byron are supposed to do, and kind of who they are, but they do not... so you just want to scream!  

Add in a couple dead people walking around hurting people and there is the creepy part.  I liked the plot, as the two people are drawn together by a force, but she does not want to give into it and so there is tension as he keeps telling her they are meant to be. When they go into the underworld and she is offered to stay there it is a good vs. evil knight as Byron is trying to find her, save her, and bring her home, all with Charlie trying to keep her there in the underworld.  I think the reason (even though it was creepy) I liked the book so much was that the characters were ones that you just wanted to see happy, and wanted them to be together no matter what. While I think that a high school reader would like this book, as well as anyone older, there is a tiny bit of language and a little bit of a sexy scene that might be out high school readers.

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