Sunday, September 30, 2012

Spooktacular Sunday review: My Sister the Vampire series by Sienna Mercer

Jenny's review:

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a sister that was a vampire? Or if you were a vampire what it would be like to have a sister that is a bunny (human)?  Well Olivia and Ivy are finding out just what it is like. In this fun series for any tween reader (probably more for girls)! 
In book 1 Switched Olivia has just moved to town and she is trying to find her place at her new school.  She meets Ivy and they decide they sort of look alike. Buy Olivia is a perky outgoing cheerleader type and Ivy is a stay hidden Goth girl!  When they fit the pieces together and figure out that they are twins, things get more fun! They decide to switch places and some interesting things begin to happen. For example, while pretending to by Ivy, Olivia meets Brendan, Ivy’s long time crush and actually talks to him!  But Ivy breaks one of the most valued rules of vampires to not tell anyone that you are a vampire. 
In book 2 Re-Vamped Olivia and Ivy finally break the news to their parents that they have found each other. Olivia’s mom and dad are really excited about the news and invite Ivy over for dinner, where she makes lots of food Ivy cannot eat! Ivy’s dad is a little more quiet about the news.  Olivia and Ivy embark on a mission to find out who their parents are. They find out some interesting info about who their parents really are and have to work hard to stay out of trouble.

In book 3 Take Two Olivia and Ivy meet Jackson Caulfield, a movie star.  Ivy can tell that Olivia has a little crush on him, and is going to try to help her snag a date.  Then Ivy believes that she has found Jackson’s secret, that he too is a vampire.  But can she warn Olivia in time?  And can one of them actually snag a roll in the next commercial with Jackson?
I thought that this series was perfect for tween readers. It is full of fun situations that are going to keep the readers entertained throughout. I love the premise of the book that the girls are identical twins but one turned out to be a vampire and the other human. I also like that the vampires keep themselves hidden from people and that Olivia has to pass a test to be allowed to know that they exist in the second book. I think that any tween would be hooked in the first book and luckily there are more in the series!  Great great read!!

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