Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mega-Halloween Giveaway Week!

Hey!  Guess what?  Thought we'd do a little giveaway for the next few days, and on Halloween we'll announce all the winners.  We've scoured the VampChix & Bite Club vaults and have over 30 books to hand out as treats!  And there's only one trick, you have to comment below and tell us the one Halloween movie you try to watch every year.  Include whether you are in the US or another country.  [VampChix will choose 80% US winners/20% other countries. Sorry, but postage!]

Anyway, here's a taste of some of the books we have to giveaway today:  EVOLVE anthology, BEDEVILED by Sable Grace, BORN OF SHADOWS by Sherrilyn Kenyon, THE WEREWOLF'S WIFE by Michele Hauf, CHOSEN by Sable Grace, CANNIBAL REIGN by Thomas Koloniak, THE VAMPIRE SHRINK by Lynda Hilburn, and VAMPIRE HAIKU by Ryan Mecum!

So let us know, which Halloween movie is your must-see!  (Please stop by every day through Halloween to comment.  Winners for each day will be selected from that day's comments.)


Rain Maiden said...

I have to watch The Nghtmare before Christmas. I guess having kids does something to me. So no horror movies in my home.

miki said...

Thank you a lot!

So i'm International ( Belgium)

i'm not fond of horror movies ( too emotional^^) but i like Labyrinth by Jim Henson. It's old i know but i remember being afraid and really amused the first time i saw it so when it's on tv around halloween i watch it each time

once again thank you

Unknown said...

Nightmare on Elm Street--the original.

in the USA

loug28 at gmail dot com

SandyG265 said...

The Mad Monster Party

In the USA
sgiden at

elaing8 said...

Hocus Pocus is a must for me every year.

Thanks for the giveaway

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Barb P said...

I have to go with the classics! Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Frankie etc. Happy Halloween and thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

Blodeuedd said...


So I do not celebrate Halloween but I plan to watch Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter ;)

Gisele said...

My favorite halloween movie is IT!
I'm international.


June M. said...

I try to watch HALLOWEEN (the original version) each year.
US resident
manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

Lil said...

Monster Inc. It is just so cute and I have kids to watch it with.

Jessica said...

Sadly the only movie in theater that is worth seeing right now for Halloween is probably silent hill. there are a couple cutesy flicks like hotel Transylvania and frankenwenie but if you're gonna get in the Halloween spirit what is the use if it's not at least a little scary.

Barbara E. said...

I don't have a particular movie I have to see every year, but I do love Beetlejuice. I've been thinking about it lately, and since I'm off the day after Halloween, I'll be sure to watch it that night. Maybe i'll throw in The Nightmare Before Christmas as well, love that one too.

Barbed1951 at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

I don't get to watch too much tv anymore but I loved the nightmare on elm street movies, they weren't too scary. I watched the Texas chainsaw massacre once and couldn't go in my basement for weeks! Lori

Stephanie said...

I feel the need every year at Halloween to watch Hocus Pocus :)

bn100 said...



bn100 said...



Fluser said...

the lost boys


Unknown said...

House on Haunted Hill - the 1959 version. Eerie.

Barbara E. said...

I'd like to see The Witches of Eastwick, that's always a fun movie.

Fluser said...

Van Helsing (with Hugh Jackman) and the Underworld trilogy (haven't seen the fourth yet, so I still count only three!!!) - love the beast in a man

Adelaide Australia

Na said...

The Amityville Haunting! I like scary movies based on real life events.


mariska said...

my pick will be : Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter :D


uniquas at ymail dot com

Chelsea B. said...

Sleepy Hollow! Also, Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus!

Chelsea B. said...

Sleepy Hollow! Also, Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus!

Chelsea B. said...

I'm USA!

Jennifer Mathis said...

I have to watch Its the great pumpkin charlie brown and of course the new simpsons tree house of horror episode

im in the usa

Jo's Daughter said...

I'm not a fan of scary movies but loved the movie Growing the Big one. It has pumpkins in it :D

(I'm from Holland)

Spav said...

The Shinning. It freaks me out every time I see it.