Monday, October 15, 2012

Review: ANGEL'S INK by Jocelynn Drake

A great start to a new series, Jocelynn Drake gives us ANGEL'S INK, an urban fantasy that promises an interesting mix of fantastical creatures for books to come.  This book is available October 16th.

Tattoo artist and warlock, Gage, is the star of Angel's Ink, and he's got a lot on his plate.  He's busy in the shop tattooing special ink that may or may not have spells in them, he's met up with his old nemesis again, and friends from his past aren't what they appear to be (in more ways than one).  His employees include Bronx and Trixie (whose prequel stories I'll mention later), and they round out the 'gang' nicely in what feels like an introduction to this world, only because there are so many characters introduced, and Gage doesn't seem to focus on just one problem, but juggles many.

That's my only pick with this story.  I would have liked to see Gage more focused and not dragged in so many different directions.  It worked, but ultimately that's just how I felt.  The resolution of one sub-plot with a tattoo patron felt not-quite-right to me, (where was the defiance? the desire to keep what could have been a cool outcome?), but the other sub-plots were all tied up nicely.  Some hints were given as to what would happen next in the world, and they definitely grabbed my attention enough to want to pick up the next book in the series.  An interesting blend of magic and the paranormal makes this story very readable.

I checked the author's page and learned there are two prequel stories—digital downloads—which might fill in the backgrounds on the two tattoo artists who work with Gage.  The first is THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: BRONX, and the second is THE ASYLUM INTERVIEWS: TRIXIE.  You can check out both those now while you're waiting for Angel's Ink to be released.

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