Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter by Jessica Sims

Book description: 

Is your new pack driving you a little crazy? Tired of all those wolves in sheep’s clothing? Let me be your fierce protector.
Me: A strong, silent type who doesn’t care much about the creature comforts.
You: Sweet as honey. No such thing as too big or too small— you’re just right.
Let’s take things slow. I’ll start as your bodyguard, but hopefully soon I’ll shift into your mate. You need a man who’s born to be wild, and I’m ready to protect you from all the wolf pack can throw in your direction. Don’t be afraid of your animal side. Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.
Jenny's review:

Sara feels terrible, because she is hiding from the werewolf community they are attacking her family.  They were able to get to her sister Bath and now she is in the hospital, and they also have taken Beau’s (Bath’s boyfriend) cousin Savannah.  While looking over her sister Sara and Beau devise a plan to con the werwolves into giving Savannah back and keeping Sara safe from them.  They decide to find a pretend mate for Sara so that she is no longer available to the wolf community. Beau chooses someone from his family that is not what Sara was expecting. Ramsey, the huge werebear!!  She is not thrilled with this and neither is the werewolf community. This starts an all out battle of wills that leaves Sara trying to sort out her feelings and her past, and actually becoming quite fond of Ramsey and his werebear self. But things are not always as easy as the plan seems and things get really crazy!!
If you are interested in some interesting action and some steamy love scenes, this is the book for you.  Sims continues the fun from Beauty Dates the Beast and gives more to the story by using the point of view of Bath’s sister, Sara. Sara and her new “mate” have a lot to learn about each other and quickly in order to keep her safe from the werewolves that are trying to claim her. Things get really hot and heavy when they realize they actually kinda like each other. A fun filled story that you wont want to put down! You do not have to know the story line in Beauty Dates the Beast to understand the story of this book, but it would help you understand the background of the characters and their history, so I suggest reading it first.

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miki said...

i think i would love this book!

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sounds exciting. I love this cover!