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Vampire Diaries Season 4 ~Growing Pains~

  ***Spoiler Alert***

The season premier opened with a bang!  There was really no doubt in my mind that Elena would become a vampire, but seeing her struggle with the choice was a good way to start off the season....


Elena wakes up and Stefan and Damon tell her that she had vampire blood in her system when she died.  She’s obviously upset and Damon tells her that she has to feed or die.  Stefan tells her that Bonnie is looking for a spell to undo it.  Elena insists on waiting and seeing if Bonnie can find a spell.  Damon is not happy.  He’s angry and he blames Stefan and Matt.  Downstairs Damon confronts Stefan and tells him that he shouldn’t have let Elena dictate that he saved Matt, that the world is a much better place with another quarterback.  

Jeremy comes in and Elena insists that she’s going to be fine, that Bonnie will find a way.  He says that he hopes so because he needs  his sister and not another vampire.  Jeremy leaves and Elena can tell that her senses are becoming more heightened.  The sounds are annoying her--she ends up snapping a light bulb.

Klaus is still in Tyler’s body and he confronts Bonnie.  He insists on being put back in his body, but she tells him that she has to save Elena or that his endless supply of blood to make hybrids is at an end.  He agrees but tells her that no one can know. 

Pastor Young takes over the council and tells Meredith that she needs to look for a new job.  His group of followers are to supply the blood bank in the basement because too much blood has been walking out of the hospital.  Matt is getting ready to leave hospital and talking to Caroline. She doesn’t know what to do now that she believes Tyler is dead.  She realizes that the new ‘council’ is in the hospital looking for vampires.  She hides just a the door opens and someone opens the door to Matt’s room.

Mayor Lockwood gets arrested and Pastor Young tells Sheriff Forbes that they have let vampires run loose in the town, and that her and the mayor have been locked out of their offices. She tells him that he has no idea what he’s up against. 

Caroline is packing at her house and tells her mom that she’s left.  One of Pastor Young’s minions vervains Caroline and takes her. 

Elena tells Stefan that it’s disgusting that she can’t stop thinking about blood.  He tells her that he should have saved her first. She tells him that it’s what she wanted.  He tells her that her sense will be heightened as a vampire and she tells him that they will ‘cross that bridge when they come to it.”  She starts to laugh hysterically and cry. 

Elena goes upstairs to see Damon sitting in her window seat.  She realizes that she’s getting memories back from where Damon compelled her to forget.    She realizes that Damon told her that he loved her, but he had to let her go so she could be with Stefan. 

Damon confronts Rebekah but gets interrupted by Pastor Young’s group.  Rebekah gets staked and taken.  

Pastor Young confronts Stefan and takes him and Elena.

Damon snatches Matt to help him retrieve Stefan and Elena.

“Tyler” gets a call from Mayor Lockwood and Klaus learns Caroline was taken.

Pastor Young doesn’t realize that Elena is about to go through the transition and she is freaking out.  She runs from the farm house and gets caught by one of the group members who knocks her out.

Caroline and Rebekah are in the van being taken to the Pastor’s farm house and Caroline tells 
Rebekah that they are being held with vervain ropes. “Tyler” comes to the rescue, causing the van to wreck and he helps Caroline escape.  He tells Rebekah to “Keep them busy little sister.”  She realizes that Klaus is alive. 

Bonnie is trying spells and she says that the spirits aren’t listening.  She tells Jeremy there is another way and she plans to go and get Elena’s spirit back.  She’s chanting spells and passes out with her nose bleeding.  Jeremy is screaming at her to wake up.

“Tyler” and Caroline are reunited in the wood and she won’t stop kissing him and she rips her shirt off. He called her “love” and she realizes that Klaus is in Tyler’s body.  She punches Klaus.

Rebekah wakes up in a cell across from Stefan and Elena.  She realizes that Elena is going to die and she gets to watch her die all over again. 

Bonnie appears in Elena’s cell and tells Elena that she is bringing her back. Bonnie’s grams stops her and tells her that dabbling in the dark arts will end in tragedy. Bonnie can’t help Elena.

Stefan antagonizes a guard to let Elena out--that she’s human, but he ends up shooting Stefan twice with wooden bullets. 

Elena is getting weaker and weaker but she tells Stefan that the reason she was on the bridge was that she was coming back for him--she chose him.

Damon turns up at the Pastor’s farm house and bites Matt to lure them outside.  Pastor Young tells him that he’s not coming out and he’s not inviting him in.  They shoot Damon.  They think Damon is down but he’s not--he attacks the Pastor’s group members and kills some of them.

Elena and Stefan have a sweet moment together that affects Rebekah and she knows that Elena is dying. She silently agrees to help Stefan.  She calls in a guard and startles the guard enough that he backpedals close enough that Stefan can snap his neck and cause him to bleed on the concrete.    

Elena struggles to reach the blood.

Klaus forces Bonnie to switch him back into his body, even though it’s a sacrifice of her Grams soul. 

Elena finally reaches the blood from the guard and puts it to her lips.

Damon is attacking Matt in the front yard and vampy Elena stops him.

Stefan saves Matt from his wounds from Damon and tells him that he gets to live with the fact that 
Elena died for him and every morning that he gets out of bed you sure as hell better earn it.

Elena tells Damon it was her choice and he tells her that her choices are hard to keep track of.  She tells him that she remembers everything and that she remembers meeting him first.  She wants to know why he didn’t tell her.  He tells her that it wouldn’t have made a difference.  He also tells her that he will always choose her.  He wanted her to grow up and he wanted that for her.  He is that selfish.  She also tells him that the first night they met is not all that she remembers. 

Rebekah confronts Klaus asking how dare he save Caroline over her.  He tells her that she can’t be killed and Caroline could.  Rebekah tells him that she loved him over everyone else.  She destroys the lasting remains of Elena’s human blood.  He tells her that she is nothing to him and that she is nothing.   

Stefan and Elena are sitting on the roof of his house and he tells her they will find a way to deal with it and she tells him that they will be together forever.  He gives her a daylight ring that Bonnie made her. 

Pastor Young tells his followers that this is just the beginning and blows them all up in his farm house.


So what did you guys think of the season premiere?  I love Elena being a vampire.  She was able to stand up to to Damon.  I can only hope that her memories are returning and that might change her mind about him before he finds another love interest.  I'm pretty tired of the Elena/Stefan dynamic.  

I'm curious to find out what Bonnie did to her Grams and how will she live with it.

What about Rebekah who is now all alone especially since she cause Elena to die.  How will she deal with being alone.   

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