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Vampire Diaries Season 4 ~Memorial~


It looks like this is going to be the season for lots of injuries and death on The Vampire Diaries…
Stefan is trying to show Elena that she can drink animal blood instead of human blood.  She tells him that it tastes gross. He tells her that it took him months to be able to stomach it.  They start to make out but she pushes him away to throw up the animal blood.

Damon did try to tell Stefan that he was delusional about Elena drinking animal blood.  Damon says that she needs to learn to control the blood lust and not hurt anyone.

Meanwhile someone is snooping around the farmhouse. 

Sheriff Forbes finds Damon at the Grille and he tells her to get out of Alaric’s seat.  She asks Damon if he blew up the farm house.  She gets upset and tells him that those were her friends and reminds her that her “friends” tried to kill her daughter.  Connor (same guy sniffing around the farmhouse) interrupts them to speak to the Sheriff. 

Matt tells Jeremy that he wants to pay it back that she saved him.  They notice a new girl headed toward school.  Jeremy remembers that Elena used to babysit her.  She’s Pastor Young’s daughter April.

Stefan breaks out the champagne to celebrate even though Elena is having ‘adjustment’ issues. 
Elena tracks Damon down at the Grille he also makes her move from Alaric’s seat. She asks him about the farmhouse and he asks “am I wearing my I blew up the council shirt?”  She tells him that she can’t keep animal blood down.  He tells her that she can have her choice of dinner pointing to different people in the Grille.  She tells him no. He takes her into the bathroom and tells her that she can’t tell Stefan because drinking from another vampire is an intimate act.  She agrees and drinks from him. 

Caroline and Tyler are in bed and she tells him that they shouldn’t be having sex, but he insists it’s “grief sex.”  Downstairs Connor shows up at the door and Mayor Lockwood tells him that she sheriff has already told him who he is.  Tyler comes downstairs and shakes hands with Connor--whose glove is covered in vervain and Tyler screams in pain and Connor shoots him.  Tyler is able to get away by jumping through the window. 

Stefan is pulling out wooden bullets and realizes these are wooden bullets dipped in vervain with weird symbols carved in them. 

Elena is at the church and she says that her emotions are all over the place.  She realizes that April is someone she used to babysit and she goes and talks to her.  She tries to reassure her but April’s pulse distracts Elena.  She gets shaky and runs to the bathroom where she spectacularly throws up Damon’s blood all over the bathroom. 

She calls Damon and he runs to her rescue, bringing her a dress just in time to keep Connor from coming into the bathroom.  Damon doesn’t shake Connor’s hand claiming he’s a germaphobe. 
Outside Damon gives her a blood bag but she throws that up too. Damon assures her that she’s not dying she just needs to feed from the vein.

Inside the church Connor stabs April and ties her up.  He sets up a sniper’s rifle and gets ready to wreak havoc. 

Damon lets its slip to Stefan that Elena drank from him.

Since April is tied up, Elena gets up to speak about Pastor Young. During the ceremony April’s blood drips down through the tiles and the vampires in the room picks up the smell.  Stefan tells them it’s a trap and not to move.  He gets up and goes to help Elena sit back down after she begins to lose it.  All of the vampires are on edge and Elena is the worse off.  Matt asks what’s wrong and Stefan tells him that she’s starving.  He tells her to feed from him.  He pulls her close and lets her bite and drink from him. 

Tyler gets up and starts to talk about Pastor Young and how you support your team no matter what.   

Connor takes the shot and shoots Tyler.   

Damon goes after Connor and ends up getting shot.  Stefan comes to find him but punches him for feeding Elena.

Elena finds April bleeding and can’t control her bloodlust.  Caroline intervenes and helps Elena to compel April to forget.

Matt and Jeremy go to Mystic Grille and as they are leaving they run into Connor.  Jeremy mentions his tattoos and Matt tells him there wasn’t any on his arm.     

Connor is definitely up to something as he reads the letter that Pastor Young left for April.

Stefan gets everyone together and the light the lanterns that were scheduled to be lit after the memorial service.  They each take turns memorializing someone they've lost.  Damon gets snarky and leaves.

Damon heads out to Alaric's grave and tells him that he's left him to fight with his brother and watch over the kids.  Alaric says he misses him too.  



What are your thoughts on this episode?

It seems like Elena was able to drink from a human without going all "ripper" on them.  Maybe she have more self control that Stefan does or ever did.

I'm loving the interaction between Damon and Elena just because it seems more two sided now.  She realizes, with her memories returning, that Damon isn't all the bad guy.  That he has given her up on more than one occasion.

Stefan... need to find a love interest besides Elena.  He needs to go back to being a badass.  This whole happy Stefan makes me queasy.  He needs to have a balance of both good and dark in him.  Happy Bunny Stefan just isn't doing it for me.

What do you guys think about new hunter in town?

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Margaret Carter said...

I think this is one of the best episodes of the series. It deals with emotions on a deep level -- very intense. The scene in the church is artistically composed and especially compelling at the moment when Elena drinks from Matt while the service continues around them and the rest of the congregation is oblivious to their byplay.