Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vampire Diaries Season 4 ~The Rager~

The action jumps right in with Connor attacks Tyler in the hospital and takes some of his werewolf venom.   

Stefan is fixing up his motorcycle and Damon tells him it’s a good day for a mid-life crisis.  He tells Stefan that he’s leaving once he kills the vampire hunter. 

Elena meets Matt at school in their old make out spot and she drinks his blood.  She tells him that its her senior year and she wants to be there.

Tyler is surprised to find Klaus and his and some of his hybrids in his house.  Mayor Lockwood says that they can protect him.

Stefan and Elena are in class in Alaric’s old classroom.  Rebekah turns up and in true Rebekah form she tries to bait Elena and ends up stabbing her with a pencil.

Stefan and Elena see the vampire hunter with Jeremy.

While in the bathroom Rebekah sends in a student with blood on her neck and smears Elena’s face with blood after Elena vamps out and tries to attack her.

Connor tells Jeremy that only potential hunters can see the tattoos of other hunters. 

Damon snoops around the hunter’s trailer and he gets shot by an arrow that is attached to a bomb.

A girl turns up at Tyler’s.  She calls him “Lockwolf” and he should have called.  She tells him that she chained him up all over the Appalachians and she doesn’t get a phone call?

Meredith turns up at the hunter’s trailer and it seems that Damon called her to help.  She cuts the arrow out without it blowing them up.

Rebekah tries to talk to Matt about her party and he ignores her.  The hunter grabs him and asks him which one of his friends is a bloodsucker.  Matt gives up Rebekah.

Damon finds Elena snooping through his room and she tells him that she needs bourbon to get her through Rebekah’s party, but Damon knows she’s looking for the white oak stake

Stefan and Elena show up at Rebekah’s party.

Klaus meets Hayley and realizes that Tyler hasn’t told Caroline about Hayley. 

Elena encounters April at the party, but Elena tells her to go get a drink when Rebekah comes into the room.  Rebekah takes Elena’s ring and tosses it into the garbage disposal.  Elena braves the sun to get her ring and she grabs the white oak stake that Damon let her have.  Stefan talks her out of killing Rebekah because of the deaths of the other vampires that Rebekah might have created

Jeremy goes to see Connor and tells him that Meredith uses vampire blood to save people.  That she must have contact with a vampire.

Klaus confronts Tyler after Caroline leaves and works it out that Tyler went off to break the bond and begged Hayley for help and it helps that she’s gorgeous.  Caroline has no idea…

Damon calls Tyler but Klaus intercepts the call and tells him that he’ll help him.  

Stefan gets Elena to leave the party but before leaving while Rebekah is watching, Elena does a keg stand much to the delight of the party goers and the annoyance of Rebekah.  Stefan and Elena go on a bike ride and she stands up on the back while Stefan speeds down the highway.  

Connor turns up at the hospital to follow Meredith, but Damon intercepts him.  Connor tells Damon that a hospital is a weird place for a germaphobe.  Damon says let me reintroduce myself… I’m a vampire. Connor tries to shoot him, but Damon uses the same trap with arrows.  Klaus comes out and kicks his gun away from him.

Stefan and Elena are at home making out and she hallucinates seeing Damon.  Stefan realizes that the hunter has put werewolf venom in their blood systems.

Rebekah is also suffering from the effects of the werewolf venom.  She hallucinates that she is killing Matt by ripping out his heart.  She seems horrified. 

Klaus realizes that Connor is special and that he’s “one of the five” Connor blows the bombs and 

Damon flies out of room with the explosion.  Meredith yells at Damon for the bombs going off in the hospital.

Stefan calls Klaus to save Elena and he cryptically says that she may be of a use to him after all.

Stefan calls Caroline over and he tells her that she grew into herself when she became a vampire.  But
Elena is growing too and he wants her to enjoy it. But if he enjoys it with her, he will fall off the edge.  He asks her to help him stay off the edge since Damon and he are at odds. She agrees to help him.  She will be there for him and won’t let him loose control.

Elena is talking to Matt about the amount of hate that she felt for Rebekah and that she almost killed her.  She starts to feed from Matt and won’t stop.   

Damon arrives in time to shove her away and tell her to stop.   
Damon heals Matt and compels him that Elena just fed and he went home.  Damon assures her that she is okay and that he will help her.  He will teach her the right way to be a vampire.  

Connor wakes up to find himself tied up in his trailer.  He asks why Klaus saved him.  Klaus tells him that he doesn’t know his own history.  That just made him the most well protected vampire hunter in town.  

I love the way Elena is developing into her vampy self, but she still holds those emotions that made her human. I think she's feeling closer to Damon because she knows the vampire part of herself is more like him than Stefan.

I've always been a Damon and Elena fan more than a Stefan and Elena fan...  I can only keep my fingers crossed that Elena realizes she needs Damon's strength right now as a vampire.

What do you guys think of this season so far?


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holy heck I love this show!!

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Who is the Brunette girl with Originals ?