Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Guest: Peg Pierson

Please welcome Peg Pierson to the blog today. She has a wild and wacky new vampire story out, FLIRTING WITH FANGS, and she would love to know what favorite paranormal character you would like to 'bring to life'.  If you leave a comment you'll be eligible to win a digital copy (Kindle or Nook version) of FLIRTING WITH FANGS!  

Hello fellow vamp lovers! The idea for my novel, Flirting with Fangs, popped into my head during a hot shower. I was writing another story about a sexy vampire hero and started fantasizing that he had magically come to life in my bathroom…ready to ravish my body and worship my soul for all eternity…mmmm, was a good idea! No-a Great Idea! So I wrote a whole book about it.

I had a blast writing a book about fictional characters coming to life. Writing from their perspective was fun and challenging. And pretty funny. If you enjoy Mary Janice Davidson or Katie MacAlister I believe you will get a kick out of Flirting with Fangs. If I had to compare it to movies I would say it’s a combo of ‘Romancing the Stone’ and Night at the Museum.’

I read once that Laurell K. Hamilton almost bought one of her main characters, Jean-Claude, a Christmas present!  He had become so real to her she forgot for a moment that he didn’t really exist. Have you ever felt that way about a favorite character?  I know I have. My daughter and I often talk about our favorite characters like they are real people. In a way that kinda makes ‘em real! If we love them and care about them and think about what will happen to them next, they become a part of us, a part of our lives….

If you could bring a favorite paranormal character to life who would it be?  

Peg Pierson is a full-fledged Fang Fanatic and slightly deranged Halloween Enthusiast, with a closet full of plywood coffins, an assortment of plastic dismembered body parts, and of course..skeletons.
Currently, she lives in Minnesota and is busily typing away on a new paranormal comedy. Along with vampires, she loves her family, pecan kringle, and a good laugh.
Please visit her at

Alone in the shower Bailey felt peaceful.  She finished washing her hair then self-indulgently used the entire little bottle of deep conditioner.  I may not have a man but I sure as hell will have shiny hair!  She closed her eyes, ready to rinse her now silken locks.
 But the peaceful calm fled.
Her eyes flashed open. Panic swept over her wet skin like crawling ants, and her breath caught in her throat.
 There in the mist, inches from her naked body, loomed the shadowy black outline of a man. A very big man.
Adrenaline flooded her bloodstream as she stared at the foreboding silhouette outside the shower. Heart pounding, she stood paralyzed with fear, unable to breath, unable to speak.
Then, a thick glob of almond scented hair conditioner rolled down Bailey’s forehead and stung her eye like a vicious, pro-vitamin B jellyfish.
She shrieked like a banshee. Shadow man jumped. A quick shuffling sound ensued and then a loud thwack.
Heart hammering, Bailey scrubbed the offending conditioner from her eye, took a deep breath and opened the shower door just a crack.
Sprawled on the floor of the bathroom, lay a man, shrouded in the misty fog from her hot shower. The mysterious intruder’s big shiny boots were flush against the closed door.  That would put him over six feet tall Bailey figured, and his shoulders nearly spanned the width of the room.
Curiosity triumphed over fear, and Bailey inched open the shower door wider to get a better look. The thick steam obscured his face, but somehow she knew he was one very handsome intruder.
But who the hell was he? What was he doing sneaking around her bathroom?
And why on god’s green earth was he wearing a long black cape?


Valerie said...

It would be a vampire for sure. What fun!

Barb P said...

I would have to go with a vampire or maybe a gargoyle! Story sounds great. I can't wait to read it!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Saint Germain! What a great opportunity to learn about history.

Then I'd want to bring Milagro and Ian (Casa Dracula) out for drinks.

After that, Cat and Bones.

My list of fictional paranormal friends goes on forever:)