Thursday, November 15, 2012


Thanks for the lively discussion about author reviews being deleted from Amazon. It would seem that most readers agree that authors are readers too, and therefore should be allowed to post reviews about a fellow authors work. An interesting subject, one that I hadn't even thought of when I originally wrote this post, was that all felt that an author should not review their own work. I have to agree with that one, although I have never come across that myself. Again, I just figured that an author would use their website for promotion. Anyhoo...I mentioned that I might give a book away, and since I enjoyed the participation so much I've decided to give out 2 books!

Barbara E.

If you live in the US (because shipping costs are terrible) send me an email at vampchixreadbooks AT gmail DOT COM and I will send you a book from my stash. It's kind of a grab bag concept so I'm not sure what the titles might be. It's a surprise!

And another winner of Peg Pierson's FLIRTING WITH FANGS is...Valerie!

Valerie, please email with the email address you'd like to receive the digital copy of that book.