Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My DVR is working overtime!

I need a genie, but since that probably won't happen anytime soon I'm trying to trim down my paranormal/horror must-watch list...sometimes it's so hard to decide, but it's a necessity since I also have non-spooky shows like Castle and Downton Abbey to watch. So here are the shows I'm absolutely addicted to:

The Following~Although I admit to being skeptical about Kevin Bacon, this show is truly wicked! My comparisons have been a combination of Silence of the Lambs and The Killing, with a dash of the American Horror Story madness. Truly terrifying!

American Horror Story~I've yet to start Asylum but only because I needed to clear my head of all the original season 1 characters so I could start fresh. I'm sold on the idea of using the same actors in totally different roles because that's how one of my all-time favorites, Nero Wolfe, was done, and it works out splendidly. Looking forward to starting season 2 once all my current shows go into hiatus again.

Ripper Street~This is a little bit like Copper, which I love, but I like the storyline of crime in the area that Jack the Ripper once prowled, and the acting is top-notch. Not necessarily a paranormal show, but it's a period drama that has lots of murder and mayhem. We all know I like mayhem.

Supernatural~Okay, confession time, I almost stopped watching this season because of all the poor Sam flashbacks to his dreary normal girlfriend and the dreary normalcy they were creating. He was so pathetic and I was so not in the mood. Fortunately, that seems to be at an end and we can move on to the Sam and Dean show with good 'ol Crowley and his demon shenanigans.

I've left a few shows off the list, like Lost Girl and Being Human because I want to discuss those separately, sort of a compare and contrast deal. So tune in next week for that discussion. as for today, I want to know: What shows are you watching this season? Are any of my current addictions on your list?


Michele Hauf said...

I'm with you on almost stopping Supernatural for the Sam flashbacks. It's like they were trying to fill space or something. Boring.

I cannot watch The Following. Serial killers creep me out! And it bothers me that it's on TV here (central time) at 8: pm, so it'll be much easier for kids to stumble onto it. Ugg. I wish it had been on a cable station or a later time. But, I do love Kevin Bacon!

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I was having this same conversation with my husband because I was shocked that such a bizarre, twisted show would be on a network channel and not cable, as was the case with American Horror Story. And I'm not altogether sure why I insist on scaring myself with serial killers because I have nightmares and they totally scare me to death. But the show is extremely well done.