Friday, January 25, 2013

Review: THE BLOOD GOSPEL by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell

THE BLOOD GOSPEL by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell is the first full-length story in the Order of the Sanguines series.  It is a fast-paced adventure that blends the thrill of the archaeological hunt with real and vicious horror and even a touch of romance.  I haven't read any books by either author, though Cantrell has guested here at VampChix for the release of iDracula, which she wrote as Bekka Black.
The story was simply excellent.  It is rare I pick up a book that keeps me turning the pages.  Very little slack in the pacing, and always something interesting or a heart-racing scene with a turn of the page. 
The mythology of the vampires describes Sanguinists, a race of vampires who survive on the very blood of Jesus, and who have sworn off drinking blood from humans.  They are opposed to the Strigoi, who have no qualms about murder and drinking from humans to survive.
A mortal woman working an archaeological site in Israel is recruited, along with a soldier, to begin the quest for the Blood Gospel, a legendary book sought by both sides of the vampiric races.  They make up part of a triad that may be the only possible people capable of opening the book.  The other third of that triad?  The mysterious Father Korza, a Sanguinist with an appeal that will have you crossing your fingers he is a recurring character in all future stories.  Again, the mythology that sets up the origins of the vampires and the history behind the book and how it is tied into the very blood of Christ is fascinating and believable.  Combine that with a very likable heroine who keeps pace right alongside the military hero who is as determined to find the book as he is to protect the woman. 
The story ends with hints to the next book, and I can't wait for that story to come fast enough.  If you like history, action, and horror twined together, then do pick up this bloody good read.
— Michele Hauf for VampChix

ps - when exploring Cantrell's website I found out there's a preview novella available!  Download CITY OF SCREAMS for an introduction to the hero.  (I just did.)

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