Monday, January 21, 2013

Under Construction...

As many of you may have noticed lately the blog has been a sad and lonely place, with only the sporadic post for company, good posts all the same, but not very often. All that is about to change and I promise that after I get the cosmetics dealt with and a schedule worked out the VampChix blog will once again be an excellent place to visit on your daily blog crawl. I'm hoping for a more conversational vibe, a place we can chat about all the wonderful paranormal books, television shows, and movies that are available or coming soon. Speaking of television shows...

I am looking for a few good reviewers for the following TV shows:

Being Human
Lost Girl
Once Upon A Time
American Horror Story
Game of Thrones
True Blood

No experience necessary. If you would be interested in doing a weekly episode recap for current seasons, or if you are just starting these series on Netflix or Hulu and want to recap episodes starting at the beginning, send me an email (vampchixreadbooks AT gmail DOT COM) and we can discuss ideas and work out the details. I really feel like the blog will be a better place if we can share our opinions and ideas, and let's be honest, my voice isn't the only one out there.

I expect to have new content, including book reviews, to begin being posted on January 28th. Thanks for being so patient!!


Rain Maiden said...

Looking forward to it.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

Hellloooo! I can't wait to be back. I've let the world interrupt for far too long and I miss blogging. Thanks for sticking around:)