Monday, February 11, 2013

Fallen movie news

Another YA paranormal is being turned into a movie! You can read the full article (here) but in a nutshell it appears that IF Entertainment has snatched director Scott Hicks, but the cast remains a mystery and rumors abound. I might not read many young adult titles (probably because my mind lives in a smexy gutter) but even I can appreciate the exposure such wonderful books bring to the genre of paranormal romance itself, and if the movie looks anything like these gorgeous covers the movies are sure to be a hit.

Have any of you read this series? Thoughts on the movie? Ideal cast?


Rain Maiden said...

Ya this book was not a hit for me. It is nice to see so many YA books go to the big screen though.

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I don't read many YA titles at all so I rely on my friends to recommend good books...but, I don't have much extra time so I usually just keep a list. I'm really wanting to read the Cassandra Clare series though. And I would love to try the Chronicles of Nick books too!

Regu Vardan said...

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