Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GH is bringing back our vampire storyline...or are they?

Do any of you remember the General Hospital spin-off Port Charles that aired from 1997-2003? Back in the day, I used to watch PC daily, totally loving the vampire theme that at the time, was one of the very few outlets on TV for a vampire romance fan. Caleb might have been a campy master vampire but Michael Easton was perfect for the role, and Olivia, played by Kelly Monaco of recent Dancing With the Stars fame, was an excellent choice for a bride. My favorite characters were Rafe and Alison, the tormented Fallen Angel and his very human soulmate. They were so beautiful together and had such a romantic storyline, ahh, I loved that show! Considering Port Charles aired during the Buffy years, long before True Blood or Vampire Diaries, I'd say they were both ahead of the vampire curve.

So you can guess my excitement at the idea that General Hospital is bringing back the vampire storyline, at least that's the latest tease, but viewers still aren't sure exactly how far the soap opera is willing to go, but they have been bringing back all the old characters, like Lucy, the designated town slayer, and even Alison with her teen son. Sadly, Rafe, her yummy angel lover is long dead, but I am hoping for the occasional flashback. We've seen what appears to be Caleb, complete with black trench coat and brooding stare, murder Alison as she was searching for Lucy. We've seen Lucy attempt to stake John McBane, thinking he was the evil vampire king back from the dead. Can we then come to the conclusion that GH will risk the conservative mom base by introducing vampires and angels somehow? I hope so. I haven't watched a soap opera in years, but when my sister told me about all the original cast members making an appearance I had to tune in.

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