Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Awaken the Curse by Alexa Egan


One very passionate and very scandalous kiss tore Justin McKeegan and Kate Lacey apart. Now five years later, the new Lord Duncallan receives an unexpected summons from Kate’s father and his old professor, begging him to come to Wales. But when Justin arrives, he finds Professor Lacey has vanished and both danger and temptation lurk around every doorway. Now Justin and Kate must lay aside five years of bitterness and regret to solve a mystery dating back to the final days of King Arthur’s reign—a secret that someone would kill to keep buried.


James and Katherine were once involved in a passionate affair, one that left Katherine jilted and James moving on. When James returns years later to help Professor Lacey decipher information concerning a strange obelisk in the mountains that is somehow linked to the lore of the now extinct Imnada, he discovers only Katherine, for her father has disappeared (after a string of accidents) and they must work together to find him.

The lore of the Imnada and the Other is unique to itself and Awaken the Curse brings readers to a beginning of sorts, where James and Katherine discover the meaning behind his magic, and also reconnect in a beautiful romance that warms your heart. Their love is based on more than lust, although they aren't lacking for passion, because they have a history that despite everything has endured, simmering beneath the surface. Both have had a chance to grow so this love is more mature and able to withstand trouble in a way that young love sometimes cannot. The legend of Lucan is so creative and Awaken the Curse sheds light while also creating more curiosity.

Alexa Egan wrote one of my favorite books of the year (2012) and this e-novella is an excellent example of her brilliant and inventive storytelling, an excellent paranormal romance that I highly recommend!


Demon's Curse (December 2012)


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