Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reviews: The Last Echo and Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Violet hears the echoes of the dead. They call to her and will not let her rest until she helps them be found. She can also sense the echo off the person who is responsible for their death.  As the series continues in Desires of the Dead Violet begins to feel that she is alone. Her best friend turned boyfriend is spending more time with his new friend Mike and she is unsure how to handle this. She is also dealing with things on her own, like an FBI Agent that is calling her because she knows of Violet’s abilities, and someone is leaving her messages and trying to scare her. Violet decides to take matters into her own hands and it almost costs her. But, she meets someone who she thinks she can talk to, because she believes he might have a special gift too. In The Last Echo Violet is now working with a special force of teens to help the FBI solve crimes. She is spending more and more time with them and less with her old life. This begins to cause some problems with her relationship with Jay, who is not happy about the danger she is putting herself into and the time that she is spending with Rafe.  Rafe and Violet have a strong connection that make Violet unsure about where they stand.  But when a college girl shows up dead, Violet really wants to solve the crime, but she unknowingly puts herself right in harms way.  She becomes the next girl on the radar of the serial killer. 

These two books in the Body Finder series do not disappoint. They are full of creepy action and twisting plots. I love how Derting adds chapters in from the perspective of the enemy, so that you get inside the heads of the killers without quite knowing who they are. Violet is still a wonderful character that has a lot of growing to do with her ability.  She is having to learn how to balance her life with the life of finding bodies. And she has to learn how to keep herself safe while helping solve crime.  I loved these books just as much as the first one and could not put them down until I found out who did it!!  Violet and Jay do take it to another level in Desires of the Dead, which makes this a book for a more mature audience. And the addition of Rafe, who you can see is confusing Violet’s emotions add to this series’ endless ability to make you want to read them and for the story to continue on!  
Reviewed by Jenny 
These books were borrowed from the public library 

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