Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Wicked Magic Release Day

I don't formally review Michele's books because we work together on the blog and that would just be weird, but I wanted to let everybody know that today is the release day for This Wicked Magic! This is probably my favorite title from Michele since Her Vampire Husband (which I loved), and I highly recommend you check out Certainly and Vika's romance. TWM is very fun and I totally love how organized Vika is compared to Certainly's haphazard personality. They make a cool couple, very opposites attract. RT gave it a 4 1/2 star, Top Pick rating! Read review here.

His destined mate… 

Certainly Jones has pushed it too far this time. Gnawing and clawing at his soul are the demons he unknowingly carried back from his quest into their land. Weak and exhausted, the dark witch gazes down the dim, cobbled street at his only hope—a lone vehicle with blazing headlights. Desperate, he makes a mad dash for the light, and the striking woman illuminated in its wake.

Vika senses him before she sees him. The good witch with emerald eyes and fiery red hair has never dabbled in dark magic. But one look at CJ turns her life upside down. Soon Vika is lured into his dangerous world…and his powerful arms. A few sultry kisses are not enough to save CJ from his demons—it's going to take some seriously potent sorcery. And they're running out of time.

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