Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Goodbye Bon Temps

Available May 7th!

I stopped reading this series a long time ago because quite honestly, Sookie was driving me bananas with all her shenanigans and indecision regarding her love life (remember Quinn?), and I'm not sure having the show on the air at the same time did her any favors with that. I loved the early books, much like I loved season 1, and maybe season 2. Now, not so much. However, I would be foolish to ignore the end of such a longstanding series. What about you? Are you going to read this finale?

Along those same lines, which do you prefer, the books or the show? Now don't hate on me, but after last season's interpretive dance fairies and other ridiculous stories I just turned off the TV, so I'm leaning towards the books for this one. Sookie is a much better character on the page, as are most of her friends and family, with the one exception being Lafayette, of course. Although even that was messed up towards the end of last season.

You can read more about Sookie over at Entertainment Weekly, which is where I saw the book trailer and read the author interview.


Lorelei said...

I have enjoyed the books much better than the TV series. They always mess with characters and plot in any TV adaptation or movie.

I'm not up to date with her series I might be two behind maybe. I did hear a few years ago she was going to end it. I have to say her books were partially the inspiration to write my own series. (^; I loved the humor in it and her vampires were always interesting. I think I'll have to get this one once I'm caught up. Thanks for posting, Anna!

Rain Maiden said...

I need to catch up with Sookie. I think I need to start book five. As far as the show goes, I just watch it to check out Eric :-)

Cylver said...

I've enjoyed the books and the show, although over all, I prefer the books. That said, I really like that after the first season, the show began to go in progressively different directions than the books.

Kim L said...

I love this series. I watch True Blood to,but have been disappointed
in season 4 & 5. It's really nothing like the books,I wish they would follow them a little more.