Thursday, March 7, 2013

So many shows to choose from...

Have any of you tuned in to the new show on CW called Cult? I'm still trying to see if its something I want to watch every week, but I'm two episodes in and I haven't come any closer to a decision.

The premise is super creepy and original, which right there is a plus for me, because in my book the medical/cop dramas are overdone, and reality TV has never been my thing. I will occasionally watch Project Runway, or if I'm feeling really trashy I might watch Mob Wives. It's not often I find someone that curses more than I do and those mob chicks make my vocabulary seem saintly. I digress.

So I like the idea of Cult. It's about this television show called, you guessed it, Cult. On the show Billy is the head of this whacked out group of people that are probably doing numerous illegal and immoral activities only nobody has any proof. A former member of the Cult has become a cop and she is dead set on proving that Billy is a criminal. Every case becomes about him. In "real life" a bunch of fans have become obsessed with the show and these folks meet all the time to discuss theories etc. One of these followers has gone missing under suspicious circumstances, like his brother found a bloody chair at his house and a notebook detailing things from the show, secret things, hidden clues and stuff. The cop investigating the disappearance is part of some Cult group but we're not sure exactly what the deal is there. The writer of the television show is a mystery as well, and nobody ever sees him. The brother has paired up with a researcher from the show and together they are investigating all these secret clues. Confused yet?

So I'm putting it to you...have any of you watched Cult yet? And if so, what do you think about it? Is this head trip something worth watching every week? Maybe I should just DVR the whole season and see if it gets picked up for a season 2? I just read that they are moving the show to Fridays, which doesn't seem like a positive move. You'd think fans of Supernatural might be a target audience. Who knows? Maybe the network will decide for me!


Angie G. said...

I watched an episode and a half and gave up. I think it was a good premises but wasn't executed very well. I found myself more interested in the show within the show than the lead characters investigating the show, maybe they should focus more on that!

Angie G. said...

I meant premise! Dang it!