Friday, March 1, 2013

This Soul Magic is out today!!!

I can't believe I forgot that our very own Michele Hauf has a new book out today! After reading This Wicked Magic (Certainly and Vika's story), I am totally looking forward to watching Reichardt and Libby fall in love. This couple seems like total opposites with Libby being a bright light, full of energy and Reichardt being super serious and rule driven. This Soul Magic would make an excellent weekend afternoon read, especially here in AZ where it looks to be a sunny weekend with the temps hovering around 80. Happy Reading!

Once an all-powerful soul bringer, Reichardt gave up his immortality for a feisty red-headed witch. Though his passion for Libertie St. Charles is undeniable, he must learn to give her what she craves.

Libby knew Reichardt was her soul mate even before the fallen angel had a soul. Now she just needs to convince him. She fantasizes about him taking control in the bedroom—and she's more than happy to tutor him in the pleasures of the flesh.

But when they discover his one chance to regain his powers—and keep his soul—lies in staying pure, will they be able to resist their forbidden desires?

You can find more info here.

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