Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: ANGELOPOLIS by Danielle Trussoni

This is the sequel to Angelology, published last year.  I love Angelology.  The mythology Trussoni has created is unique yet anchored in common myth and legend that most will find familiar.  Trussoni puts her own spin on angels, though, and while Angelology was slower and filled with setting up the 'world' and introducing the characters, Angelopolis screams forward at a blistering pace that will keep you turning the pages.
The adventure is high, as are the stakes.  The hero, Verlaine, returns on his quest to find and save the human/angel Evangeline, with whom he is infatuated.  He's more of an action hero in this story, going up against evil angels with incredible powers and skills, but he never gives up because he has dedicated his life to hunting angels.  Yes, even the woman he may love.
The angels in this world are not all glowy and singing beauteous praises.  (Okay, so certain angels do sing praises to the heavens; that's their job after all.)  But most are vicious and deadly.  The genetic lines of the various kinds of angels are hinted at and as the angel hunters learn more about their opponents' plans to form an angelopolis, they realize they must stop them before a war ensues.
I really liked how Trussoni worked in the missing Russian Faberge eggs in the story.  Creative, and very believable.  Angels born from eggs?  I could totally buy it.  Humans mating with angels to birth Nephilim?  Worked for me.
If you've read Angelology, you will definitely want to read Angelopolis.  It picks up the pace and the story and immerses you in a fascinating angelic world of the good, the bad, and the really, really evil.  If you haven't read the first book, I believe you could read this second one without too much wonder over what happened previously.  The details are rehashed, but not in huge info-dumps, as the pacing is kept tight and moving.
My only pick about this story is that as I neared the end I felt like it would end before it should—and it did.  Did the author cut off this story too quickly to provide for a third story?  It felt rushed.  But of course, it had the desired effect of making me hungry for the next installment.  ;-)

— Michele Hauf for Bite Club


Lorelei said...

Great review, Michele! You've made me crazy to the point of wanting to get this book, since I did read the first one and have been waiting for this second one--it seems like years!


Shelly said...

I'm really glad to hear the second installment has a faster pace than the first. Thanks for a wonderful review! This is now going on the THE pile!

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