Monday, April 1, 2013

Review: The Peculiar Pets of Miss Pleasance by Delilah S. Dawson

 I've blogged about Delilah Dawson and her Blud books before. In fact, Wicked As They Come was one of my favorite books of the year in 2012 (and is on my favorite of all time list) and Criminy Stain was quickly added to my imaginary boyfriend list. What? You don't have one of those? Hmm. Lets move back to the books, shall we.

Dawson inventive imagination has created a magnificent Steampunk world that is unlike anything out there, full of stunning imagery and unique characters. Peculiar Pets is another excellent example of her amazing work.

Spoiler free short description:
Frannie Pleasance runs a pet shop on London called Needful Creatures and she has a soft spot for the lost, animal and people alike, so when she encounters a man face down in the street on the verge of becoming a meal for the Bludrats, its an easy enough thing to help him out.

Spoiler-ish details:
Turns out her new lodger is the famous Maestro, Casper Sterling, and along with a fair amount of charm he brings her an extra helping of trouble. One unfortunate incident brings a handsome Scottish fireman to her shop door. Thom Maccalan is kind and honest, bringing Frannie back to life after she shut herself off from everything except the shop.

My thoughts:
I'm completely in love with every word Delilah Dawson puts to the page! This e-novella is the perfect connection between Wicked as They Come and Wicked as She Wants, which will be available soon. What I love best is that we get two new characters and a sweet romance in Frannie and Thom, but we also get a glimpse into Casper's desperation and life in London. I'm anxious for his story because he has the capability to totally self destruct, at the same time, he could very well pull himself together, putting his musical talents to good use. Plus, readers are treated into even more of the Blud world, in this instance being very different from Criminy's circus caravan. Dawson has a wicked way with words, making it very easy to immerse completely in her imagination. Definitely marking my calendar for Wicked as She Wants (April 30)!!

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