Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Guest: J.D. Brown

VampChix welcomes author J. D. Brown today!

Bringing the Female Vampires Back

Hi, I’m J.D. Brown, author of the Ema Marx series. I’ll be your guest author today. You can learn more about me in a bit, but first, I have a question for you.

Why is the heroine in every vampire story today just waiting around to get bit?

And I don’t mean like…why are they waving their jugular vein around for all the vamps to see like a desperate harlot instead of being lady-like and wearing a turtle neck. No, not that. What I mean is, if they want to be a vampire so bad, why don’t they just drive over to Fangtasia and pay any vampire (though preferably Eric) to turn them?

That’s what I would do if vampires were real and I wanted to be one (which I DO, because, hey, immortality). I wouldn’t sit around waiting for my conflicted boyfriend to get his fangs up (or down). Hey, Edward, it’s 2013. What I do with my soul is my business. Did you miss the women’s rights movement while you were dying of pneumonia?

And did you know that in ancient mythology, the vampires and vampire-like creatures were mostly females? Yeah. They prayed on unsuspecting voyagers and navy ships—in other words, mostly men. (They also may have eaten a baby or two, but who’s counting?) They used to represent lust and sin, the power of an intelligent and seductive woman, and the wayward weakness of men. They were women who refused to be repressed.

Not seventeen-year-old boys with washboard abs dating gullible school girls. But hey, I’m not complaining. Washboard abs are nice. What? They’re not underage, they’re vampires.

Anyway, I was tired of the girls not having any fun, just waiting around to be told if and when they would get to join the vamp society. So in Dark Heirloom, the first book of the Ema Marx series, I made Ema turn into a vampire in chapter 2. No dallying around for the whole series, wondering when it’ll happen. Just…boom…you’re a vampire. Have fun dealing with that.

Why? Because I could. I had the pen, so I made the rules, and I quite enjoy breaking out of the mold every once in a while. I think my readers explain it best:

“I have never read anything like it…the author’s take on vampires (is) original and refreshing…I was impressed with the author’s fertile imagination and world building…it was simply extraordinary…if you love vampires and want something unique and a far cry from the usual garden-variety type, this book is for you and it comes highly recommended.” - Aobibliosphere

All right, I want more female vampires, that’s obvious. But what would YOU like to see more of in vampire fiction?
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Marion Webb-De Sisto said...

I'm with you. More female vamps would be great. Also, love that Eric. :-)

J. D. Brown said...

Thanks for having me today, VampChix.

Marion, not long until True Blood season six! :)

Anna (Bite Club) said...

I think more female vamps that aren't the villain would be great. Too often the female vamp is presented as a bitter, jealous, cast off she-bitch that is out for revenge, which works in some cases but some variety would be nice.