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Guest Post: Kelly Meding

I'm very excited to have Kelly Meding her at the 'ol Bite Club blog because in preparing for the guest post I learned a lot about her writing and her books, so now I have a new author to read! I'm actually going to try starting with the Meta Wars series because even I need a break from vampires, but I'm adding all her titles to my shopping list (maybe Mother's Day, in case Flyboy reads this). I would love to hear some feedback about her books, if you'd care to share. So now, let's welcome author Kelly Meding to our corner of the blogosphere...

I'm thrilled to have been invited to guest post here at the Bite Club! While I don't feature any vampires in my current superhero "MetaWars" series, I have my own version of vampires in my Dreg City books. Vampires are such a fantastic creature, because they can be interpreted in so many unique ways. My vampires are a species unto themselves—never human, with white hair and lavender eyes. However, when they bite a human being, that human is infected with a virus that makes them half-vampire (and sometimes wholly crazy).

Putting my own spin on vampire mythology was a lot of fun, and I have fun experiencing other creators' ideas on our fanged friends. I've put together a list of a few of my favorite vampires.

X. The "Kate Daniels" series, by Ilona Andrews. The vampires in her books are probably some of the most unique in urban fantasy. The vampires themselves are mindless moving corpses driven by blood-lust. They can be "piloted" (aka, controlled) by Masters of the Dead. These necromancers move the vampires by remote and can even speak through their mouths. The visuals I get from reading these books make me shudder and hope I never run into one in a dark alley.

X. The "Nice Girls" series, by Molly Harper. I adore Harper's voice and sense of humor, so it stands to reason she'd excel at creating vampires who make you laugh. In her world, vampires are out to the public. They can buy super-SPF sunscreen at Wal-Mart. Her vampires adhere to some familiar tropes—they can only drink blood, they must avoid sunlight, they have super- strength, they have fangs. Harper adds a little twist by giving her vampires unique powers, such as mind reading and fire manipulation, which is always fun at parties. Her vampires are also nice. Well, some of them. They retain a lot of their human qualities when they turn, instead of becoming killing machines.

X. Joss Whedon's Buffy/Angel-verse. No list of favorites from me is complete without something Joss Whedon on it. His vampires also stick to familiars (avoiding sunlight, fangs, must drink the blood of another to turn), but adds some visual tricks to make them his own. A staked vampire combusts into dust (it certainly made clean up easier on Buffy). When a vampire "vamps out," they not only grow fangs, but their face changes into something slightly demonic. It increases the horror of the change in a way that only fangs doesn't. They are soulless monsters with one thought in mind: carnage. Unless, you know, they get cursed with a soul…

X. 30 Days of Night. There is nothing sexy about these vampires. They are an ancient race (so ancient they don't speak English) who travel around in boats. They don't have fangs so much as an entire mouthful of pointy teeth. Their fingernails are thick claws. And they make the most horrific screaming noises when they communicate with each other. Comics or movie, these are badass, stuff-of-nightmares monsters who live solely to slaughter their prey.

X. "The Dresden Files." Alas, I do mean the vampires from SyFy's take on the book series, since I've only read three of the actual novels by Jim Butcher (I'm working on it!). I think the TV show's version of Bianca is one of my favorite vampires on television. She's seductive, sexy, smart, and she's a cold-blooded killer. The vampires in this world are divided into Courts, and each Court has its own peculiarities and rank. I'm not terribly familiar with the Courts, but I love the idea of various kinds of vampires within one world.

What are some of your favorite "unique" vampire traits?

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Cylver said...

I love the universe created by Lara Adrian in her Midnight Breeds series. First off, these vampires are born, not made, and each inherits some special ability or power from his mother. Some have the ability to heal with a touch, some can manipulate fire, some are telepathic, some communicate with animals, etc. It's a wonderful and inventive series!