Monday, May 20, 2013

Review: Moonglow by Michael Griffo

From the author of the acclaimed Archangel Academy vampire trilogy comes a stunning new series about a girl determined to defy her fate—and reclaim her future…

Something strange is going on with Dominy Robineau. All her friends in Weeping Water, Nebraska, have noticed—and it’s way beyond teenage blues. As weeks pass, Dom grows consumed by anger, aggression, and violence, and she seems powerless to stop it. Then she turns sixteen, and things get really dangerous.

When her best friend is murdered, Dominy’s father is compelled to reveal the truth behind the darkness that threatens to both overtake and empower her. Her boyfriend, Caleb, swears they’ll find a way to change her destiny. But others are hiding secrets too, and gifts that are far more terrifying than hers. And even as she struggles to control her new abilities, Dom must contend with an enemy who wants her to use the beast within to destroy all those she loves, before she destroys herself…

Jenny's review:

Dominy has no idea what is going on with her. She feels very strange and has very many angry moments where she imagines killing the people she loves. But when she starts to do strange things like growing hair on her face quickly and attacking her brother, she knows something is definitely not right. That, and her best friend is murdered. Finally, her dad explains to her the truth about what is going on with her.  Dominy’s father tells her that he accidentally killed a man when he went hunting.  The man’s wife put a curse on his first born child that she would turn into a monster when the moon was full. So Dominy needs to find this woman and make her reverse the curse that is on her.  It is much harder than she thinks, especially when her wolf wants out and begins to want to get her other friends.
This was a fascinating story about a girl and how she becomes a wolf.  I found the story interesting in that while Dominy was the wolf she could still feel herself and just couldn’t get out of her mind, but didn’t understand that she was also the human.  I liked how the characters truly cared for each other and that her dad tried to help her get rid of the curse as much as he could. Although, making her responsible for her best friend dying was truly shocking. This would be a great high school read, because the characters defiantly would appeal to that age group. Great story, which continues in Sunblind September of 2013.
*This book was sent by the publisher for review purposes.

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