Saturday, June 29, 2013

Spooktacular Sunday: Review for Living Dead Girl and Stalking Dead

Living Dead Girl- When Aurora Stone awakens to find she's been buried underground, she frantically claws her way to the surface. But the nightmare has only just begun; she was buried in her own grave and has been resurrected on the one year anniversary of her death.

Aurora immediately seeks the help of her best friend, Henry, who is no longer the awkward sixteen year old she remembers from a year ago. Henry is tall, muscular, with piercing blue eyes.

But Henry isn't the only one who's captured Aurora's attention. Lucas, a sexy vampire, is watching her every move. He's been ordered to send her back to the grave, but he is immediately attracted to Aurora and can't bring himself to re-kill her.

As Aurora struggles with her new un-dead body, she must make a decision between the boy next door and the vampire who has nothing to lose. And time is running out - plagued by blackouts she can't control, Aurora knows her days may be numbered. She was brought back for something epic, but will she get the chance to find out what?

Stalking Dead- In the second installment of The Vampire Hunter series, Aurora finds herself getting dangerously close to Lucas, the sexy vampire who was hired to send her back to the grave. As Lucas fights his own attraction to Aurora, he can’t bring himself to follow through on his orders to kill her. Instead, he tries to help Aurora and her best friend Henry solve the mystery behind her resurrection. They dig up her grave to find out what item of hers was placed there when she was brought back to life.

As it becomes increasingly obvious that Henry thinks of Aurora as more than a friend, she is torn between the two guys. As much as she is drawn to the mysterious Lucas, she is also deeply attracted to Henry. But deciding what she wants will have to wait – when Lucas didn’t follow orders, someone else was hired to do the job. And the new hunters on the scene have a history with Lucas. They would like nothing more than to kill Lucas and send Aurora back to her grave – permanently.
Jenny's review:
Imagine waking up and finding that you have been buried. That is exactly what has happened to sixteen year old Aurora. After crawling out of the grave, she has no idea what to do with herself and decides to go to her best friend, Henry’s house. When Henry sees her, he is shocked and she finds out she died exactly one year ago. Henry and Aurora are trying to figure out why she is back, and what she is exactly, and from the research they do things are not good.  But Aurora also feels like she is being watched, and she is! Lucas was hired to kill her, and as a vampire he is more than capable.  He doesn’t though because he finds that he actually likes her and he decides he will help Aurora and Henry figure things out. As all things with the undead, things get a little tricky. It appears that Henry is not going to tell Aurora how she died, Aurora thinks that Henry’s father is having an affair, and there are these crazy vampires hunting for Lucas to make him want more than synthetic blood. 
I loved these two stories and felt that they are a must read together, but watch out the story does not end here, so be prepared for a cliff hanger. This series is a perfect combination of comedy and teen drama. Really, you wake up and find out you're dead, you go to your best friends house, try to hide in his house from everyone, meet a hunky vampire who is supposed to kill you but won’t. Who could ask for more?  I loved it!

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