Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Witch's Handbook to Kisses and Curses by Molly Harper


Nola Leary would have been content to stay in Kilcairy, Ireland, healing villagers at her family’s clinic with a mix of magic and modern medicine. But a series of ill-timed omens and a deathbed promise to her grandmother have sent her on a quest to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky, to secure her family’s magical potency for the next generation. Her supernatural task? To unearth four artifacts hidden by her grandfather before a rival magical family beats her to it. Complication One: Her grandfather was Mr. Wainwright and the artifacts are lost somewhere in what is now Jane Jameson’s book shop. Complication Two: her new neighbor, Jed Trudeau, who keeps turning up half naked at the strangest times, a distraction Nola doesn’t need. And teaming up with a real-life Adonis is as dangerous as it sounds, especially when he’s got the face of an angel and the abs of a washboard—can Nola complete her mission before falling completely under his spell?

Jenny's review:

Nola has been sent to America from Ireland to find the Elements that will keep her family of witches strong. She has lied to her boyfriend, never telling about her witch family and powers, and she is telling him she is headed to Boston. When Nola is told by her dying grandmother that she is the one to head to Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky to help the family she knows she has to go, but is nervous that she will not be able to complete her wishes.  Nola finds a small town with lots of supernatural beings, and has a neighbor, Jed, who rarely has his shirt on. Nola sets off on her mission in her grandfather’s store and meets Jane Jameson, who tells her she will help. Nola definitely gets more than she bargains for on this adventure, and she finds that the people she trusts are not all what they seem. 
This was a great book by the author of the Nice Girls Series. It was fun that the characters overlapped into this story. I loved Nola, and thought that she really needed to get her confidence in this book. She didn’t trust people and that came into play when she let her guard down. Great storyline that mad you want to keep reading. A lot of comedy, finding what’s lost, love, and a few surprises that I did not see coming!

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