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Darkness Avenged (Guardians of Eternity #10) by Alexandra Ivy


As the demon world celebrates the defeat of the Dark Lord, the vampire Santiago’s mood remains bleak. He still yearns for the sensual, raven-haired Nefri, who has inexplicably disappeared. But brooding for Nefri is a luxury that Santiago does not have. His traitorous sire, Gaius, is unleashing a violent scourge upon the mortal world, and Santiago must stop him before it’s too late...


To her dismay, the all-powerful Oracles have sent Nefri on her own mission to find Gaius, and failure is not an option. Nefri’s search leads her to the vampire’s abandoned lair—and straight into Santiago’s path. It’s clear Santiago intends to seduce her, but then an ancient, banished evil reappears, threatening to thrust the world into a madness it cannot survive.


Darkness Avenged is book #10 in the long-standing Guardians of Eternity series by Alexandra Ivy, and for many it reads like a bonus book because readers actually get 2 couples: Nefri and Santiago serve as the main romantic duo, while Roke and Sally are just beginning their story together. The trend of introducing a second couple works so well because it gives readers a chance to learn more about the characters without being rushed, creates a fair amount of pent-up sexual tension, plus it adds layers to the main plotline.

Nefri and Santiago are both proud and powerful vampires that have been forced together once again to help stop the vampire Gaius from releasing an evil that will bring death and destruction in its wake. They share an attraction that neither can, or want, to explain, with Nefri believing that any sort of relationship would be impossible because she is leader to a clan that lives behind the Veil, and Santiago refusing to accept her excuses any longer. He is persistent and determined to change her mind. Let's just say that a determined Santiago equals a very satisfied Nefri...the lust between these two is white hot! It also helps that lust isn't the only thing the share. They respect each other as equals even when Santiago's instincts scream to go alpha.

Roke and Sally play into the story because Santiago and Nefri need Sally's power as a witch to help them defeat Gaius and his evil plan. Roke is meant to guard Sally and prevent her from escaping until the vampires know whether or not she can be trusted. Something unexpected happens and suddenly the vampire and his witch are dealing with much more than anyone bargained for. I'm looking forward to reading what Ivy has planned for Roke and Sally in the next book!

Overall, a very action-packed paranormal romance that showcases strong couples skirting the line between danger and desire. I remain a dedicated fan of the Guardians of Eternity.


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