Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Immortal After All by S.C. Reynolds

Book description:

In the third book of The Vampire Hunter series, Aurora, now living back at home with her family, continues to unravel the mystery surrounding her death and resurrection. Lucas returns after clearing his name, but the vampires who want to kill him are still closing in. They need to devise a plan to get rid of them for good – and fast.

Lucas has uncovered a disturbing piece of information about Henry’s father, far worse than Aurora could have imagined. Just having patched up her friendship with Henry after their colossal fight, Aurora can’t risk him finding out his father’s secret. Emmett, the psychic helping out with the case, is finally able to shed some light on the cause of her blackouts, but it may be too late to stop what’s already fated to happen

Jenny's review:
In this next book in The Vampire Hunter Series we find Aurora living with her parents, who are thrilled to have her back. They have convinced everyone that she was lost and in a coma for a year. While her parents love having her around her sister does not seem to want her there, and her best friend Henry has not talked to her for a while either.  But Henry doesn’t stay gone for long, and invites her to his parents big party.  At the party Lucas shows up and has a lot to tell her. Throughout the book Aurora finds out that she is still not safe, someone closer then she thinks is out to get her. And Henry feels that he is partially responsible for her death in the first place.
This was another fun book in this series. I do recommend reading the previous books, not just because they are also good, but because without them I don’t think you will understand the whole story. I did think that the idea of Aurora going home and her parents just accepting what happened was kinda of funny, I don’t think most parents would take that well. The love between two characters grows in this book which also is a fun twist, and the person who I wasn’t expecting to be trying to off Aurora also made this a great book.


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